Advanced Windsurf Board Hire on the Sea

As of July 2019 we have decided to restrict the use of the advanced windsurf boards ie the Fanatic Blasts and Freewaves to Gold Safety Card Holders only.

The reason for this :

Over the last few years the cost of windsurfing equipment has risen significantly. The Fanatic Freewave and Blast boards are advanced high tech windsurfing boards that retail for £1700.

These boards offer advanced windsurfers very high levels of performance and are some of the best boards on the market. However this performance comes at a price and that is the durability of these boards. They are not as durable as the Geckos.

We are finding an increasing amount of damage to these boards. This is causing frustration amongst advanced members who are unable to use them whilst they are being repaired and also has significant cost implications for us. Most of this damage is caused by catapults and mishandling when carrying or launching and landing. These are common issues for intermediate windsurfers.

To reduce the amount of time the boards are out of action for repair and reduce costs to the club and therefore to members we have decided to restrict the use of Blasts and Freewaves to Gold Safety Card holders.

In practice if you are not a gold safety card holder you are not going to get the benefits of these high performance boards and are likely to have a more enjoyable windsurf on a Gecko. Obviously exceptions can be made when we are short of equipment.

Where possible, on windy days, we will try and provide an additional member of staff to try and advise and help members with equipment management.

Gold card members wishing to hire Blasts and Freewaves will now have to collect the fins from the office and sign boards in and out.