How to keep teenagers active

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How to keep teenagers active

Wakeboarding is a fantastic activity for teenagers. It is a great way to get them outside, getting excercise, meeting other young people and adults. Plus it gets them away from the computer and the phone.

Wakeboarding really appeals to teenage boys and girls. It is a combination of being exciting yet is actually easy to get the basics of. With the right tuition and ideally a System 2.0  cable as used at Hove Lagoon teenagers can be up and wakeboarding very quickly. It is one of those sports where as soon as you are up and going it is exciting and addictive.

The best way to start is a British waterski and wakeboard Bronze course. This is two, two hour sessions. By the end of this teenagers will be able to ride up and down and go round the corners. At this stage they are ready have a go on our practice sessions or join the club to practice. The best way to improve further is to take the Silver wakeboarding course which introduces them to tricks and more advanced wakeboarding skills. Or a private wakeboarding lesson is great for a group of friends or a family.

Once the basics are mastered teenagers can then start using the ramps and jumps. Once they get to this level wakeboarding can be really addictive. There almost endless numbers of tricks and jumps that can be learnt on the ramps.

Wakeboarding is a great way to meet other teenagers, both boys and girls. One rider goes at a time with the driver providing 1:1 guidance for them. The other riders, usually 2 or 3 people, wait on the dock for their go. This is a perfect time to chat, watch and learn from the rider on the water.

Lagoon Watersports has a great friendly and accessible youth wakeboard club link that enables teenagers to wakeboard up to twice a day through the summer holidays. It is great value and has proved very popular. The club has a thriving youth scene including a youth wakeboard after school club  link , youth competitions and a free summer holiday youth wakeboard jam.

Why not come down to Hove Lagoon, have a look around, chat and watch the wakeboarders in action.

Teenagers love it.

See you on the water…

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