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Extreme Sailing Match Race

Our Extreme Sailing Match Race involves racing our two identical 8 metre Delphia 24 keelboats. With plenty of room onboard for the crew these performance racing boats will have your adrenaline pumping in close quarter racing! We will set an olympic style course with limit markers so that it keeps the racing tight and then it is purely down to the crew to combine speed and tactics to win the match.

I did this activity with a group of stags, we had a great time. Will be coming back for sure!


Race Boats

On our Dephia 24s you will set sail with our qualified instructors and run through all the sailing basics, you will then be able to take control with your fellow crew for the ultimate racing experience.

The Racing

With a course laid out and a 5 minute count down, you will need to be crossing the start line with plenty of speed just as the start gun goes. The start is crucial but all is not lost if you are lagging behind, if your crew work well as a team the first leg up to the windward mark gives plenty of opportunity to catch up.

Several races will be completed providing a great learning experience and with team work essential, this makes for a fun and exhilarating extreme sailing match race.

Duration: 3 hours

Pre requisites: None, but these boats are fast and responsive so you must be physically fit

Included: We will provide everything required including specialist equipment. Match racing will run on a regular basis from late spring until September.

For more information please call 01273 42 48 42 opt 1 or Email Us

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