Watersports for Language Schools in Brighton

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For language students coming to the UK, the south coast has lots to offer. In the summer students flock to the sunny seaside town of Brighton, looking for an adventure and to improve there English.

Lagoon Watersports have been working with language schools to offer their students a watersports experience for the last few years, with 2013 being the most popular so far.

At the Lagoon students can get involved in anything from team and raft building to help build confidence and friendships, through to action watersports such as windsurfing and wakeboarding for the thrill seekers out there.

The British Study Centres even offer a Windsurf plus English Course, offering students a unique package where they get to take part in windsurfing on a regular basis alongside their English lessons.

One of their students comments:

“Thank you very much for a great windsurfing course in Brighton. I have windsurfed for over 3 years but here in Brighton I really improved myself. In Poland we have only lakes so I made my first steps on the sea, learned how to come into and come out of the water, especially when there are waves and some others — like really cool freestyle tricks. The instructors were very friendly and helpful and they helped me whenever I needed something. I really regret that I can’t stay longer and learn more and even the weather conditions were very good. Every day was a lot of wind and sometimes, even when it was not so strong perfect to learn freestyle tricks always strong enough to practice on the Lagoon. I really, really enjoyed this course and I hope to come back in the future. Thanks a lot for organising this course and for me — a great time windsurfing in Brighton” Kamil


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