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Staff Reference

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Assessment of Performance

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Child Protection

This post involves substantial access to children/vulnerable adults. Is there any reason at all to be concerned about this applicant being in contact with children/ vulnerable adults?

Any scores less than 5 stars we consider to be a concern and may contact you.

Data Protection

This information is being collected by Lagoon Watersports for the purpose of recruitment and selection. If you are giving a reference on behalf of a present or previous employer, the subject will be entitled to see it.

If the applicant is successful the information will be held on file for the duration of their employment. If the applicant is unsuccessful the information will be held on file for a maximum of twelve months and then destroyed.

This reference is given on the understanding that any legal responsibility or liability for accuracy or otherwise of any statement herein is hereby excluded in respect of the author of the reference, his/her employer, the recipient of the reference and the subject of it.