Shaping a paddler

Shaping a Paddler

Shaping a Paddler

Lagoon Watersports searched for 1 person who was up for a 2 month Stand Up Paddle Board challenge, taking them from beginner to racing in their first competition at the British SUP Club Championships.

Harvey Dawkins, Director explains why “We believe that we can train anyone from novice to skilled, so we wanted to put our money where our mouth is and document someone’s real life journey and shape a paddler!” Watersports often looks harder than it is, but with expert instructors and good equipment anyone can give it a go.

The chosen one was Josephine Hook, 36, from Hove. Never having been on the water before, she wanted to take on the challenge and be a role model for her 2 children.

Josephine’s Story

The Trailer

Shaping a Paddler – what will one lucky person will be facing.

The One

Why Josephine? Find out what Josephine’s challenge involves and why she stood out.

How to start Stand Up Paddleboarding

The Initiation

How does Josephine get on with her rst session? How big are the challenges ahead?


Find out how Josephine fares with input from the SUP Race team.

Joesphine’s Improver advice

The Family

What are Josephine’s biggest challenges? Does her Family think it’s a good idea?

Start your Family’s on water adventure

Comp Day

Watch Joesphine’s reaction to comp day and nd out how she got on.

Josephines SUP Race Tips


We love being on the water and will share our passion with you

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