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Used Windsurfing Equipment for Sale

Used SUP Equipment For Sale

Used SUP boards and paddles in Brighton.

We have an extensive range of used Fanatic SUP boards, paddles and gear.

We also have used windsurf gear. Click here for our used windsurf list

We only sell used equipment, not new. We strongly advise that you pop down and see us to view any equipment to check you are happy with the condition before purchase.


Manufacturer warranties may still apply.


We prefer you to come and pick kit up particularly boards, however we are happy to ship within mainland UK. We do no offer international shipping (including Ireland)

If you are unhappy with your purchase you may return the item. Postage must be covered by the returnee. You have one week from the delivery date to contact the seller to arrange the return. A refund can take place once the item has been returned and we are happy it is in the same condition as it was when sent.

Hove Lagoon

Used Fanatic Inflatable SUP Boards

Pure Air10” 4’2017Contact us for photos£375
Fly Air Premium10” 8’2017Contact us for photos£475
Stubby Air8” 6’2017Contact us for photos£400
Adjustable paddle2017£42
Carbon 80 adjustable paddle6'752017VGC£145
Carbon 80 adjustable paddle7'252017VGC£145
Viper Air9” 10’2016Contact us for photos£450
Viper Air9” 10’2016Contact us for photos£450

Used Fanatic Solid SUP Boards

Fly10”6’2015Contact us for photos£450
Fly Soft top10”6’2017Contact us for photos£475
Fly Soft top11”2’2017Contact us for photos£475

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