Circuit training and why you should take part

Perhaps you are new to fitness, or maybe you are an experienced exercise junky?!

Circuit classes are a great way to achieve new increased levels of fitness by including within your weekly training schedule.

Circuit classes have been around for a long time. Often re-branded but the core principals are the same – perform a variety of exercises targeting the whole body – often performed for a set period of time.

The great thing about circuit classes – it is very easy to increase the intensity of each exercise, for example; you can increase the time for each exercise (station), decrease the recovery time, increase the resistance using a heavier weight etc. All of these changes can be implemented when you want to challenge yourself further and continue to increase your fitness. Equally all exercises within a circuit class should be adaptable – whether easier or harder so as to suit a wide variety of fitness levels.

The branded HIT or high intensity training classes have become increasingly popular for seeing faster fat loss, increased body strength and improved overall fitness – often a popular style of training used by celebrities in prep for films, music videos and year round fitness. Remember how great a shape the actors were in for the film 300 with Gerard Butler?

Now of course you don’t need to be a celebrity to enjoy and experience this type of training – join in your local all body circuit class and if you have the opportunity to train outdoors even better for the added benefit of fresh air and an increased rugged feel to your workout!


Here’s a summary of some of the benefits to circuit class training: 

  • Newbie’s and Pros can take the same class
  • Train with a friend/partner
  • Support gained from training in a group (encouraging each other to keep going)
  • Sociable
  • Increased motivation
  • Increase your power to weight ratio – ability to carry your own body weight
  • Cardio vascular and strength gains
  • Strength endurance gains
  • Can be sports specific
  • Injury prevention as a result of conditioning your body



Interested in attending a circuit class and keen to experience some of the benefits?

Pop by and see us at Hove Lagoon where we are running two circuit classes a week.

Stay fit and healthy!

Everyone at Lagoon Watersports

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