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The pleasure of SUPing

More commonly known as “SUPing”, Stand Up Paddleboarding has taken the 21st century by storm as a peaceful and idyllic unique activity to get you out on the open water. SUP is an extremely invigorating way to explore the shores at a pace that suits you. Many prefer to gracefully and leisurely paddle slowly through calm oceans in shallow water, whereas others are enticed by the buzz from which surfing the waves. This is simply the beauty of it, it is an adaptive activity that, dependent upon your mood and experience, can be suited to however you see fit with as much or as little effort made as you want to possibly give.

Aside from providing endless hours of fun and a means of solitude, SUP is an impressive way of keeping fit. Without even noticing it you use, at one point or another, every muscle in your body – whether this be to balance, sucking in your core to remain upright, tensing your tris and bis pushing your paddle through the ripples, or carving tricks in the surf, you’ll feel parts of your body working you may never have used before. There are many personal trainers that use it within their programmes (obviously the ones that are lucky enough to live by the coast) as a means of cross-fit, strength and/or core training.

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