Watersports for adults and children with special needs

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Why watersports are so good for people with special needs There are many children who find taking part in team games or playing with balls quite difficult. Maybe for what ever reason their co-ordination is not great, maybe they lack confidence, maybe they have [...]

Learning to Windsurf is not difficult, just challenging

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I have been windsurfing for over 30 years and running windsurfing lessons for over 20 years in Brighton, and the popular theme is that windsurfing is now easy because the equipment has improved so much. In many ways that is very true, learning to windsurf is easy. At the basic level, a windsurfing lesson at an RYA school pretty much guarantees success and a newbie will up and windsurfing in a couple of hours. What many people fail to mention, and I think is what makes windsurfing so addictive is that windsurfing is challenging.

Christmas Gift Voucher Offers!

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 If you are looking for a different kind of Christmas gift for your friends and family this year then Lagoon Watersports has the answer. This year we have a special Christmas offer on watersports gift vouchers, with an option for all budgets! Vouchers are [...]

Windsurfing at Hove Lagoon, Brighton

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Hove Lagoon is an awesome place to windsurf. An idea location for every level of windsurfer, there is a suitable spot for everyone. If you’re a beginner there is the Lagoon, which is an enclosed shallow area of water that is idea for learning [...]

WAKE, SUP and WINDSURF Thursday 19th April 1800-2000

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This weeks Thursday night session has all the makings of an awesome event. On the wakeboard cable,  sliders have moved round so goofy footers on the monster 72.5ft roof top, whilst the regular guys can get "tech" on the box and wedge. Stand Up [...]

Windsurf club gets new Equipment

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Great news - we have just had a delivery of lots of great new windsurfing kit suitable for all abilities. Whether beginner or expert we have some of the best equipment in the country to get you out on the water windsurfing what ever [...]