Lagoon Wake Park 2013

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The 2013 season is looking to be the best year yet for Lagoon Wake Park.

New obstacles, top instructors, competitions and pro coaching from top riders, there are plenty of reasons to get yourself down to the wake park located, near Brighton on the South coast.

Opening on the 6th of April, riders can look forward to an awesome new obstacle to accompany their already impressive range.

Lagoon Wake Parks Obstacles include:

Roof Top
Designed with the intermediate to advanced riders in mind this is the next step up after the flat bar has been mastered. The two angles of the obstacle mean that numerous different trick and gap variations are possible.

Box with Bank Rail
Taking its shape from the infamous Relentless Leviathan rail which we made for Relentless Wakestock this is another multi hit rail which offers great variation. Why build just a box rail when you can very as easily add a banked rail to the side of it! The Box offers beginner rail riders the chance to really improve and easily learn new rail tricks. The banked rail on the side of the box is a good ollie on rail and offers something a little more demanding for the better riders and something for others to progress too.

Incline Rail
The incline rail offers the perfect entry level obstacle for beginners looking to hit their first obstacle and is still great fun for advanced riders learning more technical manoeuvres. The incline is also a great rail for wakeskaters. Our incline is designed so that in the future it can be added to and turned into a roof top or an A frame rail.

AND FOR 2013:

The Step Up


If you have grasped the basics of Wakeboarding but not yet ready to hit the obstacles, then book yourself onto our Introduction to Rails and Obstacles course, to progress your riding and give you the skills needed to successfully hit the obstacles.

Big thanks to Industry Wake Parks for all their hard work, installing our System 2.0’s and supplying all our sliders.





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