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Group wakeboarding

Whether it is a bunch of over excited kids, a rowdy gang of hens or stags or just a group of mates looking to try something new. Wakeboarding has to be on the short list.

Here in Brighton and Hove there is a great System 2.0 wakeboarding set up which is ideal for all sorts of groups. What is a System 2.0 I hear you ask? Classically wakebaording is done behind a boat but System 2.0 uses two towers sitting about 100m apart to tow the riders up and down the lake. It is a super easy way to get into the sport as the cable operator will drive to suit the needs of the rider and they are always within earshot to give out key coaching points and advice. Another great bonus of system 2.0 is that the cable pulling you is much higher than it would be on a boat making the first step, your deep water start, a doddle.

So back to the groups. How would it work with a group of people out on the water? Essentially everyone is kitted up and ready to go, given a short land demo and safety brief, then it is on to the water. Say you have four of you for an hour and a half. The first rider would start in the water and get about 5 minutes on the cable, this doesn’t sound like a lot but if you imagine for that five mins you are essentially supporting your own weight with your arms, it can get pretty tiring really quickly. After the first rider has been out each other rider will take their turn and would rotate through the hour in this format.

What size of wakeboarding group could be accommodated? At Lagoon Watersports in Hove there are three System 2.0 cables running side by side. If you have four folks on each cable per hour you could do 12 people in the hour. If your group is bigger, simply extend the time. Essentially any size of group can be tailored for.

Wakeboarding parties for kids, stags and hens!

Ok, so I know how to wakeboard and just want to ride? If you have a group of people who know how to board and just want to get out on the water the format is the same. Book the cable slot for the amount of time you want and get out on the lagoon. The centre boasts a crew of very experienced coaches (that are also pretty handy on the water themselves) so they will always be on hand to give additional tuition and offer tips to help you nail the trick you’ve been stuck on for weeks.

You mentioned wakeboarding for kids parties and Hen/Stag Groups? Yes I did and this is a great way to spend your time. For the more party orientated group that just want to get out and splash around there are some great alternatives that the cable is used for. Ringo rides, no skill involved in this one. You sit in a big inflatable ring and get pulled up and down the length of the lake at full speed. Knee boarding, as the name suggests you are kneeling down on a board rather than standing up. A great way to experience the speed that is possible on the water. Body drags, the simplest of all the options, just lay on your front and hurtle down the lagoon, prizes for the best dolphin impression. So for your party going group there are four great options to cycle through on the water to keep it fresh and exciting. I almost forgot to mention, this can be followed by a BBQ and drinks in our lake side cafe, where you can unwind and watch the action in the sun.

Get your wake boarding group down to the lagoon this season and make the most of the summer sun.

See you on the water…

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