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RYA Day Skipper Abroad

The RYA Dayskipper qualification will give you access to boating all over the world, with many RYA recognised training centres now located abroad it is increasingly becoming more popular to gain your RYA Dayskipper certificate abroad, taking advantage of a trip away whilst completing the course.

Boating abroad is very popular with many charter companies to choose from and increasingly more owners leaving their boats abroad in location with easy access to flights home and the lure of pretty much guaranteed great sailing conditions.

Whilst the Uk others some great sailing locations and challenges the thought of spending your precious week away in driving rain and Gale force winds can sway you to sail abroad.

Just like in the UK, sailing centres abroad are inspected yearly to show high standards of boats available for training, suitably equipped with properly qualified RYA Instructors with a principle to oversea all aspects of safety, training standards and equipment.

All courses are taught in English with all the same syllabus and logbook, the only difference in courses will be when you complete the course in Non Tidal waters. If you don’t have tides it does simplify sailing, you leave when you are ready and what the depth gauge says will stay. For most sailors completing the Non Tidal Dayskipper course they may never intend to sail in tidal waters but if you then choose too a 2 day tidal conversion course is all that is required.

With all Dayskipper courses you should be experiencing at least 4 nights onboard and ideally in different locations each night, this is ideal whilst sailing abroad in new and sometimes idealic locations enjoying evenings ashore in local restaurants or perhaps at anchor with some local cuisine with like minded company.

There is plenty to complete on the Dayskipper course syllabus, you will want to come away from the course with enough confidence to next time be chartering your own boat so it is important with give you plenty of opportunity during the course to practice planning and executing a trip, with all skippers the biggest concern is the parking of the boat so going on short passages to lots of locations is an advantage giving you plenty of practice time.

Boating abroad you will also experience some difference in styles of mooring up for the night, some ingenious ways to anchor up in tight coves and there can be some interesting local weather affects. Understanding local conditions and customs is an important aspect and knowing where to find out these details will help anyones sail abroad.

As with all Dayskipper practical courses it is best to complete the theory course prior to the practical, this can be done either online, classroom style or as a combined course over nine days.

We would always advice you include sailing in your travel insurance, most policies will happily accept sailing as long as it is in coastal waters normally within 12 miles of the coast, otherwise longer trips perhaps between some Islands would require further increase in policy.

So if you fancy ditching the foul weather gear for some extra suntan lotion and a snorkel and mask to play with then learning your Dayskipper abroad is a great option.

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