Yacht Sailing Experience Building Weekends

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Yacht Sailing Experience Building Weekends

Enjoy a weekend of sailing, and build your experience whist working towards RYA qualifications. Trips are lead by RYA qualified instructors.

Gain skippering time once you have completed the Day Skipper Course with our experience building weekends. With an instructor onboard this is the perfect way to make sure you keep building on the knowledge learnt on the Day Skipper course and gain vital time on the water. Whether you are planning a charter next season or just want to get out on the water at great rates. We are pleased to be offering an extensive programme over the winter.

Weekend Yacht Sailing

Run on Beneteau First 35 or 36

Available over 3 weekends

Flexibility to mix and match your weekends to spread out over whole winter or 3 consecutive weekends

Run from Brighton, 0900 to 1700 each day with one weekend including an evening sail till 2000.

Run on Beneteau First 35 or 36

Weekend dates – All weekends are run from Brighton Marina 0900 to 1700 each day. The second weekend will include an evening sail until 2000 on the Saturday.


The second weekend includes an evening sail on the Saturday. The course runs from Brighton Marina 0900 till 2000 Saturday and 0900 till 1700 Sunday.


The third weekend runs form Brighton Marina 0900 to 1700 Saturday and Sunday. 


Fantastic instructor on the boat and great person off the boat. Karl made the Day skipper course pleasurable to do.


Very well instructed. Very capable, patient, friendly and interactive. Very enjoyable.


Quality of skipper has been exceptional. I have had a fun and informative few weeks and would highly recommend

Louisa Swaden

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“Our skipper, Joe Fry was patient, informative, worked hard to keep us ship shape and happy during some difficult moments!”

David Webb

“Very enjoyable course, great instructor and facilities, learnt a huge amount”

Bob Pickering

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