Dayskipper Non Tidal and Tidal

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The Mediterranean sea does have tides, but they are of a very low amplitude, averaging around 30cm. The low tides in the Mediterranean are mostly associated with the fact that it has a very narrow outlet/inlet into the Atlantic. The RYA Competent Crew does not distinguish between non tidal and tidal. However the Dayskipper Practical splits the course into non tidal and tidal. The tidal course entails working out tidal heights which will affect your sailing especially when entering or leaving a port – If tides are low, water can be very shallow. You need to plot your course on a chart, taking into account the tidal streams and giving you the course to steer (CTS) and working out your estimated position (EP). Ultimately your cruising area dictates whether you need your tidal Dayskipper. Ultimately whether you need to have the tidal Dayskipper will be down to your cruising area, if you take the tidal course because in the future you feel you may be using tidal waters we would advice these tidal skills will be lost over time and really just focus on where you will be sailing over the next few years and then if in the future you start wanting to sail in tidal waters you can do a two day conversion instead of completing the whole Dayskipper course again.

In the med with no real significant tides it does make life a lot easier on the water! Non tidal courses obviously teach skills and methods you will not experience in more tidal areas. For example mooring up is very different and it is rare to moor alongside pontoons. Instead you will be using lazy lines and reversing up to quays or jetties – With boats squeezed alongside each other it can present some parking challenges! You will practice this skill many times during your non tidal course. You will also anchor more whilst sailing in the Mediterranean  due to the coastline that can often feature rocky coves, inlets and bays. Often you will be anchored with a line  that is led ashore to a rock or anchor point, which can feel a little nerve racking at first, but again it is a skill well worth practicing, otherwise you will miss out on some of the most scenic peaceful spots to moor overnight.

So completing a non tidal course is ideal if you plan to charter or own a boat in great locations in the Med such as Greece, Turkey, Croatia, Spain and Balaeric Islands….….With low budget airlines and frequent flights to the beautiful sunny Mediterranean – You do have wonderful sailing and an unforgettable experience right on your doorstep……..

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