Used Windsurfing Equipment for Sale

Used Windsurfing Equipment For Sale

We only sell used equipment, not new. Please pop down and see us to view any equipment to check that you are happy with the condition before purchase. Sorry no mail order.


Manufacturers warranties may still apply.

Used Fanatic Windsurf Boards for Sale

Gecko HRS 1482020B - Small damage on nose£695
Gecko HRS 1352020B - Small dent£695
Gecko HRS 1222020A - Good£710
Gecko HRS 1222019A - B - Really small damage underneath£680
Gecko HRS 1352020A£710
Gecko HRS 1222020A£710
Freewave 1052020B - Small dent£800
Freewave 1052020A£875
Freewave 952020A - Small paint dings£875
Freewave952020B - has some repairs£785

Used DuoTone Windsurf Sails for Sale

DuoTone E-Pace7.32020A£310
DuoTone E-Pace6.62020A£300
DuoTone E-Pace6.62020B£270
DuoTone E-Pace6.22020A£280
DuoTone E-Pace6.22020A£280
DuoTone Super Session HD5.62020A£300
DuoTone Super Session HD5.92020C hole in 2nd top panel£210
DuoTone Super Session5.62020B - Small hole in luff from broken mast£290
DuoTone Super Session4.72020A£295
DuoTone Super Session4.22020A£290

Used DuoTone Mast and Booms for Sale

RDM mastMost sizes2020Aguide £150
SDM mastsMost sizes2020Aguide £150
Black BoomsMost sizes2020A/B/C

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