Meet the

Meet the…

Meet the windsurfers

“I love being on the water and out in the open sea where I feel removed from everything in my day to day life. Windsurfing is very addictive as there is always something to focus on and learn…”

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Meet club SUPers

“I think as you get older you look for a form of water sports that gives you a buzz, but without feeling the need to prove anything or half kill yourself, SUP makes you feel really energised and good.”

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Meet the young instructor

Having both been regulars at the Lagoon for over 5 years, it’s clear to see they absolutely love their sports, Sam tells us “I did my bronze course when I was around 12 and caught the bug then. The reason I love wakeboarding is the culture that surrounds it.”

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Meet the Carrs

Meet the Carrs for some family fun and a bit of inter family competition on the water at Hove Lagoon.

Meet Toby and Flo

Toby and Flo have grown up at Lagoon Waterpsorts, and are now part of the young wakeboarders riding regularly.

Meet the staff

Some of staff chat about working at Hove Lagoon.

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