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Windsurfing, the sport that combines elements of both sailing and surfing to create a graceful yet unpredictable activity.

A sport that relies so heavily on how Mother Nature is feeling; the wind, sun and sea are entirely out of your control, which creates just half of the fun. Battling the elements is a bridge that is tackled when it is faced, but it is less of a struggle with the temperament of the sea, it is learning to work alongside the changing tides, manipulating your manoeuvres, shifting your style: it’s a sport of adaptation.


Windsurfing can be enjoyed inshore but also on the open waters, it offers an amazing escape for those that just want to jump on a board and see where the wind takes you. It is a versatile sporting activity that can open up to crossing great expanses of water with a friend, or explore new and far away places alone. What is so rich about all watersports is that you have virtually unlimited access to lakes, oceans and rivers and therefore there is no excuse for not exploring or giving such an activity a go.

The board and sail may be an opportunity for peace and quiet, but the sport is a very sociable one also. Drifting in the water alongside a loved one, friend or family member allows you to enjoy the experience together, sharing the smiles, the laughs and potentially the showing off with one another.

There is no hiding away from the reality that windsurfing is challenging, but what in life is easy? This watersport is extremely rewarding both physically and mentally and although reliant upon the elements windsurfing is a mobile and active sport that will leave you both exhausted and refreshed. It is a full body workout and is an extremely enjoyable means of exercise, feel the burn of your glutes and your quadriceps as you squat and sway in rhythm with the water.

Drive along the coast during the summer months and you will see scattered yachts, SUPs, canoes and windsurfers. Admire the graceful elegance of how the windsurf board and sail carves through the rippling water almost effortlessly, and here at Lagoon Watersports we invest in making you feel confident and care free out in the surf so that you can experience these feelings of effortlessness for yourself and hopefully go on from one of our taster days to joining our growing windsurf club.

See you on the water…


Our RYA Start Windsurfing course gives beginners a thorough introduction to windsurfing. Using beginner boards and lightweight rigs, you will learn all the basic windsurfing techniques from one of our experienced and friendly instructors.

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Our Windsurf Taster session is the ideal way to get a feel for what windsurfing has to offer. The session is 3 hours long and will give you an introduction to windsurfing, showing you how to use the equipment, get you up on the board and basic windsurfing techniques.

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The Improvers Windsurf course is designed to follow on from our taster session with the aim of improving your turns and getting you windsurfing up wind. You will learn all the basic windsurfing techniques from one of our experienced and friendly instructors.

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The RYA Intermediate Non Planing course is a great way to improve your windsurfing skills to a level that will enable you to windsurf on the sea.

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Private Lessons

A private 1 to 1 windsurf lesson with a friendly, qualified RYA instructor offers an intensive way to learn or improve your windsurfing.

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Hire of equipment on Hove Lagoon, instructor lead practice clubs, hire clubs and used windsurf gear for sale.

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Hove Lagoon


We love being on the water and will share our passion with you

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Customer Reviews

Have just taken level 1 and 2 in Windsurfing after doing a taster in June.The instructors were all friendly and made every minute enjoyable,they were positive at all times and nothing was too much for them, and they were great with both kids and adults.
I enjoy my time there now that I have become a member,and can windsurf whenever I have some spare time.


Hove lagoon is a great place to learn windsurfing because the water is so shallow. Being on the coast, the wind is pretty reliable. The team who work there are enthusiastic, friendly and helpful


Very good facilities and a very professional team that has a strong passion for watersports. Great fun and ideal conditions to learn watersports.


Thank you so much!! I loved it today and am pestering my husband until he buys me the next course for my birthday. The instructor was so positive and encouraging, please pass on my thanks,


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find Hove Lagoon 2019-03-25T10:34:52+00:00

Please aim to arrive at the centre 20 minutes before your session starts.

Google Maps Link for Hove Lagoon

We have two centres in Brighton please make sure you head to the correct one. This activity takes place at Hove Lagoon, Kingsway, Hove, East Sussex BN3 4LX. You may find the Journey Planning web site useful.

We are the two story building on the south side of the large Lagoon. Please come up the steps at the east side of the building and in to our reception.

Cycling : We have a cycle parking area, don’t forget your lock

Car Parking : We do not have our own car park. There is parking within 150m of Hove Lagoon on Wharf Road opposite Hove Lagoon. There is metered parking on the southside of the A259 Kingsway.

There are residential roads opposite the lagoon which have small residential parking restrictions on them, please check at time of parking.

Bus : Brighton and Hove Bus company : Route 1, 1A, 6

This service travels along Church Road which is about 3 mins walk north of the seafront. Get off at the Wish Road or Brittany Court stops. This service runs from Brighton Station. If you arrive at Hove Station you need to walk directly south to Church Road where you can meet this service.

Coastliner 700 service. Stage Coach

Train : National Rail enquiries: 08457 484950

We recommend travelling to Portslade station (1 mile from us ) or Hove station (2 miles from us) Brighton station is 3 miles from us.


National Express run many routes to Brighton. Brighton coach station in near the pier which is about 3 miles from us.

What makes Hove Lagoon so special for learning? 2018-02-18T16:52:46+00:00

Hove Lagoon is an old Victorian boating lake so has a solid bottom and is only waist deep. This means that any time you need to you can stand up. It is also right next to the sea so on those hot sunny days when there is little wind we can usually expect a sea breeze. Being next to the sea when people are ready we can move their learning away from the lagoon and on to the sea itself. The lagoon is in the middle of a public park so not only do you have the beach near by but you also have a kids play area and a skate park so anyone not taking part will have something to do. There is also an onsite licensed cafe for spectators and participants.

How many people will be on my course? 2018-02-03T14:48:40+00:00

There will be a maximum of 6 people in the group which is as stated by the RYA.

Do I get a qualification so can prove my ability if I want to hire on holiday? 2018-02-03T12:04:57+00:00

Lagoon Watersports is an RYA training centre so all the courses follow the RYA syllabus. Once you reach the required standard you will be able to take your certificate.

What happens if there is no wind? 2018-02-03T11:50:34+00:00

Due to the location of Hove Lagoon right by the sea it is unusual for there to be no wind at at all. If there is no wind there is always something to be learning before it does fill in. Likewise if it is extremely windy we can use smaller equipment and adapt the lesson accordingly.

I want to windsurf on the sea 2018-02-03T11:42:07+00:00

The aim of most people is to get out windsurfing on the sea, it is an amazing experience and definitely worth aiming for. Hove Lagoon is perfect for learning as it is waist deep so makes it less tiring when you fall off. Once your skills have reached a certain level we run courses to get you ready for sailing on the sea and we also run Sea Clinics which means you are on the sea with an instructor. There is a membership for sea sailors which will give you use of sea equipment and also safety cover at certain times of day. There are different options for sea sailing depending on your ability and how regularly you think will be able to get out.

I am not very strong, am I going to be able to lift the sail? 2018-02-03T11:21:49+00:00

To begin with everyone starts with a small sail, some are smaller than others. The more you practice the stronger you will get until you are able to work up to the larger sails. You will also need different sail sizes depending on the wind conditions but that will all be explained to you on your course.

What do we do with our bags when we are on the water? 2018-02-18T16:27:21+00:00

We have lockers that are free to use or if your bag does not fit in the locker we will look after it for you. Please do not bring massive suitcases as space is a little limited.

What if the weather is not great? 2018-02-15T15:38:05+00:00

It is very unusual for us to cancel due to bad weather. You will be getting wet so rain is not a problem and if you have people coming to watch they can watch from our cafe which looks out over the lagoon.

I am not a very good swimmer, will I be ok? 2018-02-18T10:04:30+00:00

Hove Lagoon is only waist deep so if you do fall off your board you will be able to stand up and then get back on your board. You will also be wearing a buoyancy aid for added confidence.

I don’t have a wetsuit, is this a problem? 2018-02-18T09:59:57+00:00

We have wetsuits in all shapes and sizes to suit everyone. You are very welcome to borrow one of these (no additional charge).

Changing Bookings 2018-01-26T13:42:54+00:00

Please click here for our full booking terms and conditions and ensure that you understand our cancellation policy.

Be aware rebooking fees are charged for cancellations made with less than 4 weeks notice.

Our cancellation policy applies in all circumstances including no shows, illness, relocation, transport failure and bereavement.

The reason for this is when you make a booking with us we assign staff and equipment to deliver the booking, we are therefore unable to offer that space to anyone else. We will have made commitments to staff for your booking and we may have turned away other bookings. Unfortunately we are unable to get insurance that covers us for this loss. We therefore do not offer refunds for cancellations as we are likely to incur costs.

Course Cancelation Insurance

You can take out insurance to cover the cost of your course against cancellation through CancelSure. Guide cost is £12 for the first £100 of cover and then £6 per additional £100

of cover and an excess of £25 per claim.

Our Advice

  • If you pay by credit card your cancellation maybe covered by your credit card provider.
  • Consider taking out course cancellation insurance.
  • Your holiday insurance may cover you for course when you stay on our boats.
Trouble booking online 2019-03-06T17:30:53+00:00

Don’t struggle. Call us on 01273 42 48 42 or email us  and we will do our best to sort it. In case of system failures we are more than happy to take your booking over the phone.


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