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Why windsurfing?

Windsurfing, the sport that combines elements of both sailing and surfing to create a graceful yet unpredictable activity.

A sport that relies so heavily on how Mother Nature is feeling; the wind, sun and sea are entirely out of your control, which creates just half of the fun. Battling the elements is a bridge that is tackled when it is faced, but it is less of a struggle with temperament of the sea, it is learning to work alongside the changing tides, manipulating your manoeuvres, shifting your style: it’s a sport of adaptation.

Windsurfing can be enjoyed inshore but also in the open waters, it offers an amazing escape for those that just want to jump on board and see where the wind takes you. It’s a versatile sporting activity that can open you to crossing great expanses of water with a friend, or explore new and far away places alone. What is so rich about all water sports is that you have virtually unlimited access to lakes, oceans, and rivers and therefore there is no excuse for not exploring or giving such an activity a go.

Windsurfing pleasures

The board and sail may be an opportunity for peace and quiet, but the sport is a very sociable one also. Drifting in the water alongside a loved one, friend or family member allows you to enjoy the experience together, sharing the smiles the laughs and potentially the showing off with one another.

There is no hiding away from the reality that windsurfing is challenging, but what in life is easy? This water sport is extremely rewarding both physically and mentally and although reliant upon the elements windsurfing is a mobile and active sport that will leave you rewardingly exhausted and refreshed. It is a full body workout and is an extremely enjoyable means of exercise, feel the burn of your glutes and your quadriceps as you squat and sway in rhythm with the water.

Since I was a young girl I have driven along the coast, during the summer months, is framed by scattered yachts, canoes and windsurfers. I have always admired the graceful elegance of how the board and sail carves through the rippling tide almost effortlessly, and here at Lagoon Watersports we invest in making you feel confident and care free out in the surf so that you can experience these feelings of effortlessness for yourself and hopefully go on from one of our taster days to joining our growing windsurf club.

Lagoon Watersports offer range of RYA Learn to Windsurf packages and windsurf taster sessions  , plus more advanced training and clinics on Hove Lagoon and the sea.

See you on the water…

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