Should I buy windsurfing equipment if I live in Brighton?

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Should I buy windsurfing equipment if I live in Brighton?

11 reasons as to why it is not worth buying your own windsurfing board if you live in Brighton

1)   The windsurfing club at Hove Lagoon enables club members to hire windsurfing equipment on the Lagoon and the sea. Once you are a member there are no additional charges

2)   The club uses the best equipment available from North and Fanatic.

3)   The windsurfing club equipment is replaced every year with the latest up to date and the best   equipment.

4)   There is a choice of boards from 185 litres down to 85 litres and a choice of sails from about 8m down to 4m. All sails are set on high quality carbon masts.

5)   The club maintains and repairs all the equipment for club members

6)   Club members can choose from a whole range of equipment and are not limited to just one board. In fact they can also use standup paddleboards and go on the wakeboard cable system for no additional fees.

7)   Members are insured against accidental damage to equipment so if a mast breaks when you are sailing along there will be no cost to you.

8)   For a small additional fee you can even take windsurfing equipment away to different venues

9)   The club offers free training clinics for the members to help them improve. There is weekly sea windsurfing clinic improver clinics on the Lagoon.

10)  No hassle, nothing to pack up and look after. The  sails are rigged for you and you don’t need to worry about the gear.

11)  You don’t need a car. You can walk, run or cycle to the windsurfing club

6 reasons it is worth buying your own windsurfing board if you live in Brighton

1)   There is nothing like the freedom of having your own windsurfing equipment. You don’t have to wait for the club to open you can just head off windsurfing.

2)   You learn more about equipment when you have your own equipment to look after

3)   You learn more about rigging and equipment setup when you have to set your own windsurfing gear up.

4)  You can still use the great facilities of Hove Lagoon Club with your own windsurfing gear. There is a non hire membership option. In fact if storage is an issue you can even store your equipment at the watersports centre.

5)   It is your equipment and your responsibility. There will be nobody else using it or messing with any settings. Everything will be just as you left it.

6)   You can opt for equipment the windsurfing club does not offer, such as different brand or style of board or sail.

So there you have it. Swings and roundabouts. The windsurfing club at Hove Lagoon has been running since 1995 and offers excellent facilities and value. The club is thriving, popular and  is continually developing to meet the needs of watersports enthusiasts. Why not do as many many local windsurfers have done. Start as a member of the club. If you feel you are running into limitations and need your own equipment then go ahead and buy it, you could even buy some of the clubs used windsurfing gear that they sell every year.

See you on the water…


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