Learn to Windsurf in Brighton

Learning to windsurf is awesome fun and once you’ve started your be hooked! During a windsurf lesson you will be taught how to get up on the board, how to use the sail, move in a straight line and turn round. The best place to learn is a Royal Yachting Association [...]

Should I buy windsurfing equipment if I live in Brighton?

Should I buy windsurfing equipment if I live in Brighton? 11 reasons as to why it is not worth buying your own windsurfing board if you live in Brighton 1)   The windsurfing club at Hove Lagoon enables club members to hire windsurfing equipment on the Lagoon and the sea. Once [...]

Windsurfing on the sea in Brighton

Windsurfing on the sea in Brighton Windsurfing on the sea in Brighton can be incredibly exciting and rewarding. Experienced windsurfers can enjoy some amazing conditions with great jumping off the wave. For the less experienced and those new to windsurfing on the sea it can be challenging but a challenge [...]

Advice for buying second hand windsurfing equipment

Advice for buying second hand windsurfing equipment

Go Windsurfing

Windsurfing, the sport that combines elements of both sailing and surfing to create a graceful yet unpredictable activity. A sport that relies so heavily on how Mother Nature is feeling; the wind, sun and sea are entirely out of your control, which creates half of the fun.

Buying a windsurf board? Understanding board volume

Choosing a new or used windsurf board is an exciting time. It can be easy to get carried away and let your heart rule your head. Before looking at buying a new or used windsurf board make sure you have decided what you are looking for.

Advice for buying used windsurf gear

There is no getting away from the fact that windsurfing is a technical sport and the equipment plays a really important part in your progress and enjoyment. It is important to buy the right used windsurf gear otherwise your progress and fun can stall.

Learning to Windsurf is not difficult, just challenging

I have been windsurfing for over 30 years and running windsurfing lessons for over 20 years in Brighton, and the popular theme is that windsurfing is now easy because the equipment has improved so much. In many ways that is very true, learning to windsurf is easy. At the [...]

How long does it take to learn to windsurf?

One of the great things about windsurfing is you never stop learning. The windsurf learning curve can be a lifetime adventure or a fun morning. The basics can be cracked in a few hours so you can be enjoying windsurfing very quickly, if you go about it the right way.

Lagoon Youth Windsurf Team Lucas Meldrum

Many of you will have seen young Lucas Meldrum windsurfing at Hove Lagoon windsurf club and his rapid progress over the last few seasons. Lagoon Watersports in partnership with North, Fanatic and ION (oh and Dad!) are pleased to offer him sponsorship to help his windsurfing and SUPing flourish. Here [...]

Club Windsurf Trip to OTC

Trip report by Lagoon club members Michael Watts This was the first time this season Hove Lagoon Club had organised a windsurfing trip away, and what a success it was! You had the option of taking your own kit or renting from The OTC on Portland,as I was traveling with fellow [...]

Get on the water this summer…

Lagoon Beach club could be answer to get you and the family on the water having fun this summer Join us at the Lagoon and spend your summer at the UKs premier multisports Beach Club. Sheltered and shallow lagoon that is safe for any abilities. The only wake park in England with [...]

What’s new in 2015?

Over the winter we’ve been working hard behind the scenes ready for the 2015 season to ensure everyone’s experience at Hove Lagoon is better than ever before! So here’s a rundown of some of the new things going on...   New Kit – we all love new kit so here’s what’s new [...]

Winter Opening at Hove Lagoon

New for this winter we will be experimenting with some winter opening at Hove Lagoon. We plan to be open on Wednesday afternoons, and most weekends through the winter ( Closed over  Christmas) for tuition and hire. Wakeboarding - Tuition, private sessions and ride sessions Windsurfing - private 1:1 tuition on Hove [...]

Winter Sailing

The winter is well on it’s way and we are looking forward to some of the best conditions the UK can offer. Typical that the windiest and waviest conditions are often the coldest! Just make sure your prepared with the right clothing - wetsuits, boots and gloves are a must. Already [...]