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Unsupervised Hire

Windsurf and SUP when there is no safety cover Club members with suitable Windsurfing or Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) experience are able to hire equipment on the sea when the club is not offering safety cover. For SUPing there is no restriction on where you can paddle and you are [...]

What happens on the Learn to Wakeboard Course

For all of those who have had the experience of booking a lesson, whether it be at a sports club, gym or a music lesson there is a certain amount of trepidation as that first class looms closer. Will I like the class? Will I get on with the [...]

Starting to use the sliders

Undoubtedly you will reach a point in your wakeboarding career where you are keen to get out and start hitting the plastic features at the Lagoon Watersports cable wake park. This can be quite a daunting prospect at first but with the right instructor and practice anybody can get [...]

Members Discounts

What does your members discount get you? SUP and Lagoon Windsurf Members - you will get 45% discount off the following courses:- SUP taster SUP improver SUP surfing and touring Windsurf taster Windsurf improver Windsurf intermediate non-planing Wakeboard taster Wakeboard improver Wakeboard Slider and Obstacles Wakeboard Air Tricks   Wakeboard Members - you will get 65% discount off the following courses:- SUP taster SUP [...]

How to improve your wakeboarding

So, you have completed your Learn to Wakeboard lesson and are keen to keep building on your newly acquired skill set. What’s next? There are a couple of options you can take at this point depending on how well your first lesson went.

What your children need to bring for a watersports course

What to bring One of the questions we are asked many times by parents when they are sending their children for their first session of watersports is ‘what do they need to bring?’. Totally understandable. You don't want them to turn up with a suitcase of ‘just in case’ items [...]

Watersports for adults and children with special needs

Why watersports are so good for people with special needs There are many children who find taking part in team games or playing with balls quite difficult. Maybe for what ever reason their co-ordination is not great, maybe they lack confidence, maybe they have difficulty walking or running. As a [...]

Why watersports for children

Why watersports are so good for children We live in a world where 71% of the earths surface is covered in water. The United Kingdom is an island surrounded by water, and then there are the lakes, lochs, rivers and reservoirs. How many of the children within the United Kingdom [...]

Children and watersports – the myths!

Kids love the water and watersports! Children are invariably curious to try new activities. As adults our previous experiences can often stay in our minds and as parents we want to protect our children from what for us was possibly not a positive experience. However, times have changed and equipment [...]

Learning to sail

Learning to sail We live on an island surrounded by water. The UK has always been known as a nation of sailors but it is not something that everyone grows up being able to do. When starting our learning to sail there are different paths to follow but the main thing [...]

I want to sail a yacht

How do I go about learning to sail a yacht Cruising round the Med, stopping in little coves, sitting enjoying a drink on the deck or taking part in a Sunday race series. All make yacht sailing so appealing and it is something that is accessible with the right training. [...]

What to wear when sailing

Sailing - what do I wear? When ever you start a new sport or activity one of the first questions is ‘what do I wear?’. Going sailing is going to be exactly the same. If you are going sailing in little dinghies, such as Laser Picos that are used on Hove [...]

What next after RYA Sailing Courses

What do I do after the RYA 1 and 2 sailing courses Once you have enjoyed a taste of sailing on the RYA Level 1 course you will want to move on to the next step and gain some extra skills on the RYA Level 2 course. This course will [...]