How to improve your wakeboarding

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Best ways to improve your wakeboarding

So, you have completed your Learn to Wakeboard lesson and are keen to keep building on your newly acquired skill set. What’s next?
There are a couple of options you can take at this point depending on how well your first lesson went. Some people will have already done a bit of boarding before booking their first lesson, be it behind a ski boat on holiday or even having snowboard experience which will help with the wakeboarding basics. For these people they have probably exceeded the pitched level of their first lesson and have started riding continuously, getting around the corners and even trying a couple of tricks. This means they can book straight on to the Wakeboard Ride Sessions at Lagoon Watersports. This is an hour session with four riders, working on their own riding. There is not a huge focus on coaching but the drivers will offer choice bits of advice during the sessions.

Where next?

For those that have reached the expected level of the first lesson (this will be the majority of folks) the progression is on to the Improvers Wakeboarding course. This will help riders refine their riding style and really start getting the most out of the facilities of the Brighton cable park. Once the improvers course is complete  the focus will now move on to riding the cable and starting to develop your own riding style. The Wakeboard Improvers course can be booked as a package with the Learn to Wakeboard course online.
For those of you that feel you could do with a bit of extra wakeboard tuition before jumping on the ride sessions you can book a private half hour lesson (or hour if there is more than one person) with our more experienced wakeboard instructors. They will be solely focused on you and your riding and will help you get to a level that you are happy with in as short a time as possible.
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