Lagoon wake park safety tips

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Lagoon wake park safety tips

As a provider of an extreme sport we want everyone to get the most out of their time on the water without doing themselves a mischief. As it is the start of the season we just wanted to remind everyone of how to ride safe:

  • Communicate with the operator – if you end up in the drink ensure you raise a hand to signal to the operator you are ok. If the speed is not right. Let us know. Thumbs up for faster, thumbs down for slower. There are handy hand signal reminder notices on the docks


  • New Tricks – trying something new. Get some advice from the driver first. All the drivers are wake boarders and are always happy to offer tips and advice to speed up your progression.


  • Air Tricks – Remember. Just on the Air cable and only at the operators end. Please guys don’t throw them too late as a heavy landing will often get the drivers wet. Any body trying corner aerials you absolutely must tell the operator first so they can turn you earlier and keep you away from the dock.


  • Jumping of the docks – Apart from with express permission, there should be nobody in the riding area other than the riders. This includes floating around near the docks. If anybody wants to take a mid session swim you’ve got to put your beach shoes on and have a splash around in the other half of the lagoon.


  • Slider Progression – we have a good range of features at the park. From really entry level stuff to fully advanced rails. Always ask the operator before attacking a new rail as we have a minimum riding standard for each to make sure you guys don’t hurt yourselves.


  • Slider approach – Everyone must hit a feature 50/50 and only when on the feature move into board slide. This is to eliminate the risk of riders catching a toe edge before the feature, it is not a fun way to end a session.


  • Kit – All kit needs to be cared for, it is pricy stuff. Don’t stand on the wake boards on the floor. It is concrete and this will put holes in them. Some boards have fins and some do not. Fin less boards only on the sliders.

These are just a few key points for safer riding at the park. Take a few minutes to watch our wake park safety video.

See you on the water

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