Standup Paddleboard / SUP

Standup Paddleboarding / SUP

Standup paddleboarding

More commonly known as “SUPing”, Stand Up Paddleboarding has taken the 21st century by storm as a peaceful and unique activity to get you out on the open water. SUPing is an invigorating way to explore the shores at a pace that suits you. Many prefer to gracefully and leisurely paddle slowly through calm seas or rivers in shallow water, whereas others are enticed by the buzz from surfing the waves. This is simply the beauty of it, it is an adaptable activity that, dependent upon your mood and experience, can be suited to however you see fit with as much or as little effort made as you want.


Aside from providing endless hours of fun and a means of solitude, SUPing is an impressive way of keeping fit. Without even noticing it you use, at one point or another, every muscle in your body – whether this be to balance, sucking in your core to remain upright, tensing your tri’s and bi’s pushing your paddle through the water, or carving tricks in the surf, you’ll feel parts of your body working you may never have used before. There are many personal trainers that use it within their programmes (obviously the ones that are lucky enough to live by the water) as a means of cross-fit, strength and/or core training.

Over the years, what started as a minority activity, SUPing has now become the worlds fastest growing watersport that gains more and more interest the larger it gets. One individual who has truly embraced all that Stand Up Paddleboarding can offer is Ollie Shilston. Ollie has been competing in SUP for three years in multiple national and international competitions including many over in America where the SUP community is much larger as well as representing Great Britain at three ISA World Championships.

Ollie says that SUPing is relaxing, and provides many great health benefits.

“The movements you do are beneficial to strengthen and to tone up the body.”

“The mechanics of SUP offers a combination of the movement of the legs and hips together with the movement of the trunk, and finally expressed through arms working the whole body.”

“I also find it can be my escape from the day-to-day grind!” he said.

When asked to sum up SUP in three words Ollie said that it is: “Challenging, exciting and fun.”

The intense environments we live in day-to-day can be draining upon the most adaptive of individuals and stress is a silent killer within us all. Taking a board out into the open water a few times a month and tuning into the gentle movements of the water below you can help lower stress levels by bringing a sense of calm into a possibly hectic life.

The gift of Standup Paddleboarding is that it is pure fun. We recommend that you pick up a paddle and give it a try for yourself!

Below are the range of packages that we offer for SUPing at Lagoon Watersports. The group sessions are a fabulous way of having an incredible amount of laughs with your family and friends, but do not worry – we never leave you out there alone, we are there every stroke of the way!

See you on the water…


Success and fun guaranteed! The flat, shallow water of Hove Lagoon is ideal for beginners to learn to SUP. Our taster session is a quick way to try the sport out and see if it is for you.

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The Improvers Standup Paddleboard Course is a great way to improve your SUP skills and find out more about this incredible sport. Improve your knowledge and get ready for the sea.

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SUP hire, instructor lead paddle clinics, Yoga and Club and used SUP boards for sale.

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SUP Yoga

Standup Paddleboard (SUP) Yoga is a great new way of working out and is already a craze in the states. Essentially SUP Yoga comprises of yoga postures on a paddleboard.

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The SUP Surfing and SUP Touring Course will enable you to gain a knowledge of SUPing techniques for paddling on the sea including skills to catch waves and plan paddle trips.

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Gift Voucher

Learn to SUP gift voucher experience at Lagoon Watersports.
This is the perfect introduction to the world of Standup Paddlebaording. Gift vouchers are valid for 12 months and can be booked March – end November.

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Customer Reviews

This venue is wonderful as there is a lagoon for initial instruction and practise but is beside the sea for the next stage.


Fantastic course to get you on the water and gaining confidence regardless of your experience. Thanks so much for another great experience.

Gillian Donaghy

I have always wanted to try Standup paddle boarding, but am rather nervous. I shouldn’t have worried as the entire experience was perfect. The reception staff are friendly and welcoming and Robin, my instructor was very reassuring. I went from knees to feet on the board with ease, obviously with Robin alongside. And was manoeuvring the board confidently due to his calm manner. I can honestly say it was the best hour I have spent in a long time and will definitely be back for more. This venue is wonderful as there is a lagoon for initial instruction and practise but is beside the sea for the next stage.


Really patient instructor and explained things really well and clearly. Absolutely brilliant fun, a must do


Frequently Asked Questions

Hove Lagoon is an old Victorian boating lake so has a solid bottom and is only waist deep. This means that any time you need to you can stand up. It is also right next to the sea so on those hot sunny days when there is little wind we can usually expect a sea breeze. Being next to the sea when people are ready we can move their learning away from the lagoon and on to the sea itself. The lagoon is in the middle of a public park so not only do you have the beach near by but you also have a kids play area and a skate park so anyone not taking part will have something to do. There is also an onsite licensed cafe for spectators and participants.

If you have your own board you are welcome to bring it to one of the instructor lead clinics. There are training sessions and social sessions depending on your ability and what you want to get out of the session whether it be the ladies session on a Sunday morning, the race training session or the more intermediate session. If you bring your board the price will be £5. These sessions are quite sociable so you will get to meet other like minded people to carry on paddling with or to go in to the bar or cafe afterwards.

Most people tend to wear fitness clothes so that it is easier to move and bring a change of clothes in case they fall in. However, it is perfectly acceptable to wear a wetsuit if you prefer. If you do not have your own that is not a problem as you are welcome to use one of ours (included in price).

Swimwear and a towel. We will provide wetsuit, buoyancy aid and wet shoes. If you have any of the above you are welcome to bring them. The towel is for showering off afterwards.

We have lockers that are free to use or if your bag does not fit in the locker we will look after it for you. Please do not bring massive suitcases as space is a little limited.

There is a variety of boards depending on peoples, size, ability and what they are doing? If you are learning to SUP you will use one type of board, if you are learning to surf or race you will use different boards, if you are a group wanting a laugh or a challenge we have an XL SUP which will take up to 8 people.

All beginners will start on the board by kneeling. As and when people are ready to stand up they will do so but if it takes some people a little longer that is not a problem.

The lagoon is ideal for learning as it is waist deep. Once people are confident and have grasped the basics we will try and get you on the sea but obviously this is subject to the sea conditions. There is nothing better than cruising along the Brighton coast but it can be a challenge if there are big waves.

It is very unusual for us to cancel due to bad weather. You will be getting wet so rain is not a problem and if you have people coming to watch they can watch from our cafe which looks out over the lagoon.

Hove Lagoon is only waist deep so if you do fall off your board you will be able to stand up and then get back on your board. You will also be wearing a buoyancy aid for added confidence.

We have wetsuits in all shapes and sizes to suit everyone. You are very welcome to borrow one of these (no additional charge).

Please click here for our full booking terms and conditions and ensure that you understand our cancellation policy.

Be aware rebooking fees are charged for cancellations made with less than 4 weeks notice.

Our cancellation policy applies in all circumstances including no shows, illness, relocation, transport failure and bereavement.

The reason for this is when you make a booking with us we assign staff and equipment to deliver the booking, we are therefore unable to offer that space to anyone else. We will have made commitments to staff for your booking and we may have turned away other bookings. Unfortunately we are unable to get insurance that covers us for this loss. We therefore do not offer refunds for cancellations as we are likely to incur costs.

Course Cancelation Insurance

You can take out insurance to cover the cost of your course against cancellation through CancelSure. Guide cost is £12 for the first £100 of cover and then £6 per additional £100

of cover and an excess of £25 per claim.

Our Advice

  • If you pay by credit card your cancellation maybe covered by your credit card provider.
  • Consider taking out course cancellation insurance.
  • Your holiday insurance may cover you for course when you stay on our boats.

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