Josephines SUP Race Tips

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Thinking of competing in your first race? Josephine gives us her SUP Race tips:

Find some friends to paddle with

The best advice would be to get involved with a SUP club.

There will be likeminded people, of all abilities, which will help motivate and encourage you. There will also be an instructor that that can offer you good advice to help you improve and this will be cheaper than regular lessons.

Most of the club members had similar goals to me, which was really nice.

Set an achievable goal

Set your self an achievable goal. This is important as it gives you something to work towards weekly and you can monitor your progress.

Work on your technique

I worked on this alot. By improving my technique I could paddle for longer, not get so tired and also paddle in different weather conditions.

Get tuition 

The best way to improve your technique is to get some tuition either by booking a SUP lesson or attending some kind of SUP club session.

A great place to practice technique is Hove Lagoon. The calm water is perfect for concentrating on your stroke.

Whats next for Josephine?

Josephine – I’d really like to build up my water confidence and learn to SUP surf as that looks really fun but I’ve also started watching kite surfing and thinking “wow that looks cool” which is totally unlike me so who knows maybe I just keep working my way up the water sports. We will definitely be looking into family membership at the lagoon as we have really enjoyed this experience.”

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