What’s SUP?

SUP or Stand Up Paddleboarding uses long surf style boards with a single bladed paddle to propel you across the water whilst standing up. The sport is simple in essence, but I think that’s it’s major draw. It has a unique feeling being stood above the water and a satisfaction using the simplest of tools to get around.

Here at Lagoon Watersports we use them for Fitness (excellent core-strengthening), SUP sailing (add a windsurf sail on a light wind day), Distance paddling and Surfing. Our board’s come in different lengths 11’6″ to 10′ and some have threads on the deck for a UJ so you attach a windsurf sail. Our biggest board 11’6″ is the easiest to balance on, best for cruising as it glides better than the shorter board’s and has a windsurf attachment. Our shortest 10′ has three fins (thruster) and is narrower, it is a bit wobblier but is great for surfing as you can turn on the wave. All our paddles are adjustable and you should have the handle roughly 8 inches above your head height.

Paddle boarding is increasing rapidly in popularity, every time I go out there’s someone new, especially by the surf spots where SUPers are catching more waves, getting more turns, and by the looks of things having more fun!

Paddle boarding is included in your membership so if you haven’t had a go sign up to a learn to SUP BSUPA (British Stand UP Paddleboard Association) course (£36 to members) which will teach you all the moves and techniques. After that grab a SUP, join in on our Thursday night SUP clinics, get involved in our fun “totally average SUP race” series, get fitter attending SUP fitness classes, surf some waves at low tide or cruise the sea on a nice summers evening.

See you on the water


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