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Learning something new and challenging make you feel great…Do it…

Over the last ten months I have been learning to foil on a range of craft. It has been a humbling yet extremely rewarding experience which has made me think about the whole learning experience and what a positive effect it can have on you mentally and physically. Being a [...]

Why Go Standup Paddleboarding?

More commonly known as “SUPing”, Stand Up Paddleboarding has taken the 21st century by storm as a peaceful and unique activity to get you out on the open water. SUPing is an invigorating way to explore the shores at a pace that suits you. Many prefer to gracefully and [...]

7 Reasons You Should Standup Paddleboard

7 REASONS YOU SHOULD STAND UP PADDLEBOARD Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP), involves standing on a large board and propelling yourself along with a single bladed paddle. It's pretty easy to pick up with instruction and nearly anyone can do it, providing you can swim. Stand Up Paddleboarding offers something for everyone, [...]

Josephines SUP Race Tips

JOSEPHINES SUP RACE TIPS  Thinking of competing in your first race? Josephine gives us her SUP Race tips: Find some friends to paddle with The best advice would be to get involved with a SUP club. There will be likeminded people, of all abilities, which will help motivate and encourage you. There will [...]

Start Your Family’s On Water Adventure

START YOUR FAMILY’S ON WATER ADVENTURE  There are many benefits to getting the whole family out on the water – Time spent enjoying a shared activity can only help to build both strong bodies and family bonds. Kids grow up fast and sharing a passion for any activity can help bring [...]

Josephine’s SUP improver advice

Josephine’s improver advice Once the basics have been mastered, its time to progress! Giving you the skills needed to SUP in different locations, different weather conditions and on different equipment. There are different routes to improving your skills, this is how Josephine improved: Improvers Session Josephine: “The first step back turn attempt was [...]

Josephine’s Top SUP Tips

Josephine's Top SUP Tips Always touted as a relatively easy sport to learn, lets find out the truth! Josephine, never having stepped on a board before, tell us what she really thought of her first lesson. Josephine: “I actually really enjoying it, I found myself smiling away whilst paddling even when I [...]

Start Standup Paddleboarding

START STAND UP PADDLEBOARDING  Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) offers a great way to get on the water. Standing on a large board and propelling yourself along with a single bladed paddle, you can unplug from everything around you and immerse yourself in the great outdoors! It’s a relatively easy sport to [...]

How to Stand Up Paddle Board

Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP) originates from the idyllic island of Hawaii; it uses a board, which you stand on, and a paddle to help propel you along. This up and coming sport is suitable for everyone, whether your after a gentle, tranquil paddle or an adrenaline packed wave session, [...]

Advice for buying your first standup paddle board

Advice for buying your first standup paddle board

Meet the Stand Up Paddlers

Meet the Stand Up Paddlers     Name: Gary Perkins Age: 50 Name: Billy Stewart Age: 55 Having know each other for 25 years, both Billy and Gary are in their second year as members of Lagoon Watersports, very much enjoying their new found love of Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP), they are regularly getting out on [...]

Shaping A Paddler

#startyourjourney THE CHALLENGE  We are looking for 1 person, guy or girl, over the age of 18, who’s up for a 2 month life changing Stand Up Paddle Board challenge! You will win 7 weeks FREE Stand Up Paddle Board tuition, coaching and hire, starting with no experience we will take you [...]

How to standup paddleboard faster in a month

How to standup paddleboard faster in a month For the sake of this blog lets say we are a recreational standup paddler who wants to improve their SUPing speed, but we want to have fun. A plan to paddle faster may be something like:- Where am I now Time your self to paddle [...]