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Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) offers a great way to get on the water. Standing on a large board and propelling yourself along with a single bladed paddle, you can unplug from everything around you and immerse yourself in the great outdoors!

It’s a relatively easy sport to get to grips with, providing you get the correct training. Its well worth going to a Learn to Stand Up Paddleboard lesson, to ensure you master the basics and are safe on the water.

Before your first time on the water you’ll want to learn:

  • SUP Equipment, the main equipment you will need as well as a couple of other essentials.
  • SUP Paddling Techniques, just a few skills will ensure you don’t end up paddling in circles.
  • SUP Safety, how to keep safe on the water

Lagoon Watersports offer 2 hour Beginner SUP sessions, Josephine tells us what happened in her session

“On the day I felt quite excited but as it got closer to the time I was starting to feel really nervous. Putting on a wetsuit felt really alien. I met the other people doing the course and they were all really lovely and like myself had never done it before either so I didn’t worry about being the only one clueless. We were given basic instructions and then given our paddles and went over to the boards.” and the outcome “I really enjoyed it,  I found myself smiling away whilst paddling even when I fell in I was laughing.”

On a Learn to SUP session Lagoon Watersports provide :

•All equipment, including wetsuit, boards, paddles and buoyancy aids.

•Full instruction and training from a BSUPA trained instructor.

•Clubhouse with hot showers, changing rooms, lockers and a great cafe.

•Perfect learning environment of Hove Lagoon combined with the sea.

We hope to see you on the water!

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