Winter 2021 at Hove Lagoon

GOOD NEWS - We have extended our open hours for winter and we will remain open for all activities to Sunday 19th December. For tuition we will be running private lessons in all activities for adults. Just contact us to arrange times. Sorry no kids lessons until April due to the [...]

2020 Windsurf Kit list on June 3rd

Due to the financial impact of COIVID-19 on the Lagoon we will have less advanced windsurfing equipment than members are used to. Below is a list of what we will have when we reopen. We hope to add more equipment based on demand and our financial position. Please bear [...]

Tips for using smaller boards for wing foiling

I was wing foiling quite happily on my 95l Fanatic 2019 SUP foil board. For info I weigh 68kgs. I then damaged my board and it was out of action. I had been prone foil surfing on my Fanatic 2019 5’6” 50 litre board so I thought I would [...]

Wing foiling – a few months in

I love it , fully hooked. For me it is a fill in activity for when conditions are not suitable for wave sailing, SUPing or foil surfing. That means I don’t get out that much. But I have found my self getting excited when I see forecasts for conditions [...]

Learning something new and challenging make you feel great…Do it…

Over the last ten months I have been learning to foil on a range of craft. It has been a humbling yet extremely rewarding experience which has made me think about the whole learning experience and what a positive effect it can have on you mentally and physically. Being a [...]

Childcare and Tax Free Childcare Vouchers at Lagoon

Childcare and Tax Free Childcare Vouchers at Lagoon Watersports Lagoon Watersports can accept Childcare and Tax Free Childcare Vouchers at Lagoon Watersports for our after school clubs and Kids courses. To use Childcare Vouchers Choose the course and dates you would like your child to attend. Email us (or call us) with [...]

Tips for your first Duo Tone wing foil session

Tips for your first wing foil session Take a lesson... Learn to Wing Foil at Hove Lagoon, Brighton Location Choose some where with plenty of space as there is a good chance you will end up down wind Go out in flat water Launching and landing in any waves requires care Protection I put a helmet [...]

My First go on Duo Tone Foil wing

My First go on Duo Tone Foil wing It is great fun, more so than I expected. When I first saw the wings online I thought they looked rubbish. But foiling can be a bit like that. It can look a bit rubbish but it feels amazing  and anything that [...]

Kids Watersports

All children are taught about or are made aware of climate change and they recognise that the oceans are a big part of this. If they are able to get on the water, either sailing, windsurfing, stand up paddleboarding, wakeboarding or even swimming they will learn to appreciate what [...]

Yacht Sailing

There is nothing quite as serene as jumping aboard a yacht and sailing into the unknown. The excitement and thrill of exploration, the adrenaline from tackling the sea, and the sense of fulfilment once you reach your destination. Sailing is a sport that is known for its endless enjoyment, [...]

Lets go windsurfing

Windsurfing, the sport that combines elements of both sailing and surfing to create a graceful yet unpredictable activity. A sport that relies so heavily on how Mother Nature is feeling; the wind, sun and sea are entirely out of your control, which creates just half of the fun. Battling the [...]

Why Go Standup Paddleboarding?

More commonly known as “SUPing”, Stand Up Paddleboarding has taken the 21st century by storm as a peaceful and unique activity to get you out on the open water. SUPing is an invigorating way to explore the shores at a pace that suits you. Many prefer to gracefully and [...]

Windsurf Sea Hire from Hove Lagoon

Why do we only hire to  members on the sea? Our insurance will only allow us to hire to members of the club. Option 1 : One off pay as you go On a one off basis to practice on the sea you will need to come to our instructor led sea [...]