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There are many benefits to getting the whole family out on the water – Time spent enjoying a shared activity can only help to build both strong bodies and family bonds. Kids grow up fast and sharing a passion for any activity can help bring the family together whilst being healthy and having a good time

Being on the water is a great place for families to be and offers endless excitement and a number of challenges and opportunities. Sometimes being on the water can seem dangerous, but if you use the correct channels, equipment and tuition; safety is never compromised.

Josephine tells us “The kids love it! My husband has always loved being in the water so it’s been really nice to do something all together as a family. Family days at the beach won’t be the same now.” 

There are lots of ways to get your kids on the water, the best advice is to get some professional watersports training, which will ensure that you all get the best start possible with all the necessary equipment.

There are a number of watersports to partake in as a family and picking the most suitable one can be confusing. Below is a watersports guide to help pick the best watersport for your family:

Stand Up Paddleboarding – Learning to SUP takes a minimal amount of time to get going, you won’t need hours of lessons to get on the water and have a good time.

Swimming –  Unquestionably the best water skill to learn, and the ultimate in water safety. Swimming will build water confidence and help keep them safe in the water. Most swimming pools offer lessons.

Sailing – A great watersport to start with. Sailing offers fun, excitement and lots of challenges. The boats are easy to control, so everyone is instantly engaged. Lagoon Watersports offers training in groups or an individual lesson.

Windsurfing – A watersport with lots of challenges in store! Windsurfing is great fun. There’s a lot to learn and it never gets boring. Windsurfing is a diverse sport and has many different disciplines such as freestyle, wave sailing and racing.

Wakeboarding – For the more thrill seeking families out there this is the watersport for you. Wakeboarding is amazing fun and relatively easy to learn. Be warned it is highly addictive! Lagoon Watersports offer courses or private tuition, which will get everyone up and going in no time!

The Lagoon is the ideal starting point for all watersports, as we have an enclosed, shallow area to build both confidence and skills before taking to the perhaps more exciting area of the sea!

For more information on learning a new watersport visit our website or contact us on 01273 424842 ext 2.

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