Brighton and Hove Autumn SUP Race Series: Number 2

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The 20th October gave us less than perfect conditions for our second race of the series, over 20 knots of wind and high tide, producing a horrendous shore break meant that going on the sea was not an option. However a challenging course was in store but this time on the Lagoon.

SUP Racing Brighton

The Lagoon course was set with a downwind start, rounding the first mark onto a cross wind leg, then a battle into wind. Once at the top mark you came back in reverse. The race was 3 laps long.

The turn out was amazing, with 3 added extra racers – next week is the last chance to get involved if you haven’t already done so.

The round nose fleet were the first up, with a couple of new names turning up including Lagoon regulars Toby and Kim, and a bit further a field from Hastings was Graham.

SUP Racing on the Lagoon

Making amazing progress on the first lap was last week’s winner Dan Showkum, keeping the lead all the way round. Closely tailing behind was Graham on his debut race. Toby and Kim were having a battling round the course, until Kim tired on the third lap, letting Toby take third and Kim taking fourth – can’t wait to see the rematch.

Stand Up Paddle Board Brighton

Next up was the race class fleet and new addition to the series was racer Charlie Grey, proving the one to beat. Rounding the first mark was Charlie and James Stuart trying to squeeze his way in.

SUP Racing UK

John Yeomans also a new addition and had windsurfed early morning, was just behind. The battle continued cross wind, James again trying to squeeze in and Yeomans keeping close. Contending with 20knt gusts upwind was a tiring battle. Charlie held the lead and had a great mark rounding sending him back downwind. James trying his best to keep up and keeping close behind throughout.

SUP Race Brighton

All in all it was another successful race, and despite not being on the sea the Lagoon race course was hard work! If you haven’t signed up yet, next week is the last opportunity as you can use your two discards for the races missed.

Race class Fleet Results

1st – Charlie Grey

2nd – James Stuart

3rd – John Yeomans

4th – Scott Topham

5th – Vinnie Freeman

Round Nose Fleet Results

1st – Dan Showkum

2nd – Graham Williams

3rd – Tobias Johnson

4th – Kim Hjelmgaard

5th – Stewart Nicholson

6th – Mark Matthews


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