7 Reasons You Should Standup Paddleboard

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Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP), involves standing on a large board and propelling yourself along with a single bladed paddle. It’s pretty easy to pick up with instruction and nearly anyone can do it, providing you can swim.

Stand Up Paddleboarding offers something for everyone, whether your interest is gently cruising along the coast, relaxing in a spot of SUP yoga, discovering new places, to the more exerting aspects, such as SUP Surfing, Downwinding and Racing. With such diversity, people of all ages and abilities can enjoy SUP, here’s our 7 reasons why you should start!

1. You’ll improve your fitness

Stand up paddle boarding is one of the best full-body workouts around because of the combination of strength, balance, core and endurance. Whether you are surfing, racing or even  just paddling around, you will feel the benefits in no time!

2. You will meet new people

SUP is a great opportunity for you to meet new likeminded people.

3. You’ll spend time in the great outdoors

We have more distractions from technology than ever before. SUP allows you to unplug from everything around you and immerse yourself in the great outdoors! Enjoy the beauty of paddling while soaking up Vitamin D!

4. It’s a great way to destress

It’s a known fact that looking at large bodies of water calms the soul. Paddling along a body water and taking in the natural surroundings is meditative; relax the mind and enjoy the moment.

5. Anyone can do it

SUP is suitable or all ages and fitness levels. After you have learned the basics the world’s waters are your oyster!

6. More opportunity for adventure

Taking up a new outdoorsy hobby means you will be interested in adventuring out to new destinations. One of the greatest perks of Stand Up Paddleboarding is that you can do it wherever there is water.

7. You’ll have fun!

Stand Up Paddleboarding is FUN! Plan a day or weekend trip with some friends and explore, cruise along the coastline, SUP surf in the waves – the options are endless and every single one is FUN!

You will get a lot more out of Stand Up Paddleboarding if you invest in some good training to learn the basics and inexperienced paddlers should follow good safe practice guidelines and not attempt tidal or fast moving waters without the necessary skills.

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