Stand Up Paddle Board Hire Brighton

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Once you have completed your Stand Up Paddle Board Lesson a world of opportunities await you and there are plenty of places to Stand Up Paddle Board in Brighton.

SUP hire Rates at Lagoon Watersports – Hove

A great way to get out on the water in different conditions is to  Stand Up Paddle Board Hire and Brighton is the perfect place to do so.

Hire is a great way to get a feel for all types of boards and for some, storage and transportation of SUP’s can pose a problem, so if this is the case for you, hire is definitely the way to go.

For Stand Up Paddle Board Hire, Brighton, Lagoon Watersports is the place to go. Offering different boards for all conditions, whether you are after a touring board for a long distance cruise, an all rounder to play on or a Surf SUP when the waves are here – they can offer a board suitable for all levels of paddler in all conditions.

Hire gives you flexibility, use of top of the range boards and you can be safe in the knowledge there is safety cover (3 mile radius).

Most places that offer Stand Up Paddle Board Hire, Brighton offer hourly hire. Lagoon Watersports run Brighton and Hove SUP Club which offer lots of different ways to get on the water regularly.

Hire a SUP and get out on the water for distance trips, cruising, SUP surfing or playing.

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