The benefits of Stand Up Paddle Boarding

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Stand Up Paddle Boarding appeals to a variety of different people, with much to offer. The benefits for both the mind and body playing a big part of its popularity.

SUPers at Lagoon Watersports, Brighton,  come from differing backgrounds, each with different interests in the sport – from cruising to hardcore racing – the challenges and options with stand up paddle boarding are endless.

Last year Stand Up Paddle Boarding helped a lovely lady to regain her water confidence and assist in her rehabilitation from a neurological condition.

Mina comes from a discipline of dance, martial arts and surfing, however in mid-30’s experienced partial paralysis and needed to learn to walk on solid ground again.

That, she did. Having been a Sussex child of the sea and spent most of her life active with the waters, she was determined to get back on a board.

Having experienced a neurological condition, which had affected her co-ordination and balance and although had regained this on solid ground, she was apprehensive as to how she would cope on water, but then she found SUP!!

“The summer of 2012 is when I started the relationship. Stand Up Paddle Boarding helped stabilise my co-ordination by using the paddles as well as my balance and build my core strength and stamina as an added boost. Soon I had progressed from the water of the Lagoon to the sea and that moment was very important to me. It is a blissful experience to be on the board, with the sea. Thank you so much to the folks at Hove Lagoon that supported me on the journey” Mina

This year make sure you get on a paddleboard and experience what this awesome sport has to offer! Check out our SUP page for more details

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