One mans SUP journey

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One mans SUP journey

Over the years, what started as a minority activity, SUP has now become a the worlds fastest growing watersport that gains more and more interest the larger it gets. One individual who has truly embraced all that Stand Up Paddleboarding can offer is Ollie Shilston. Ollie has been competing in SUP for three years in multiple national and international competitions including many over in America where the SUP community is much larger aswell as representing Great Britain at three ISA World Championships.

Ollie says that SUP is relaxing, and provides many great health benefits.

“The movements you do are beneficial to strengthen and to tone up the body.”

“The mechanics of SUP offers a combination of the movement of the legs and hips together with the movement of the trunk, and finally expressed through arms working the whole body.”

“I also find it can be my escape from the day-to-day grind!” he said.

When asked to sum up SUP in three words Ollie said that it is: “Challenging, exciting and fun.”

The intense environments we live in day-to day can be draining upon the most adaptive of individuals and stress is a silent killer within us all. Taking a board out into the open water a few times a month and tuning into the gentle movements of the water below you can help lower stress levels by bringing a sense of calm into a possibly hectic life.

The gift of Stand Up Paddleboarding is that it is pure fun. We recommend that you pick up a paddle and give it a try for yourself!

Learn to SUP in Brighton at Lagoon Watersports. The group sessions are a fabulous way of having an incredible amount of laughs with your family and friends, but do not worry – we never leave you out there alone, we are there every stroke of the way!

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