What so great about SUP fitness at Hove Lagoon

We asked some of our customers what she thought…

“I joined Hove Lagoon as soon as they opened this year in a bid to become more active, fitter and improve my windsurfing. One of the things that cemented my decision to join up was the new addition of Lagoon Fitness.

I was a bit nervous about going for the first time as I didn’t know what it would be like and have never been to any type of fitness class, but Lucy immediately made me feel comfortable. Since my first session I have been to two if not three classes a week (unless work has got in the way) and have noticed a huge difference in my fitness…I couldn’t even do one girly press-up when I started and can now do ten easily!

The great thing about SUP fitness is that it works your whole body and is great for toning, I’ve definitely got less wobbly bits now (or so my boyfriend tells me!) and can fit into the jeans I had when I was 18 (6 years ago!).It’s also really nice to be able to do a workout outdoors rather than in a stuffy gym…and if the weather’s bad then Lucy’s always got the alternative of indo boarding classes inside.
Since I started SUP fitness and SUPing on the sea my water confidence has improved massively and therefore so had my windsurfing, mostly due to improved balance and core strength. I no longer spend 99% of my time trying to up-haul unsuccessfully!

Lucy’s a really great teacher, she’s encouraging, inspires confidence and makes all of the classes really fun. She makes sure that the exercised can be more or less intensive depending on your level of fitness so that all in the class can feel comfortable but always encourages you to try new things without pushing too hard.I would recommend Lagoon Fitness to anyone, I feel so much better both physically and mentally since joining…it’s great to be able to go down to the Lagoon after work, get some fresh air, do some fun exercise and clear my head!”

That’s exactly what we where trying to achieve and other customers seem to be enjoy SUP fitness too. Here is what Rachel thought,

“I’m not one for fitness classes usually but combining stand up paddle boarding and fitness for me is a stroke of genius. Without realising it whilst having fun outdoors in the fresh air, your body works twice as hard just balancing whilst doing the exercises! Also from a wakeboarders point of view it’s a great way to strengthen the muscles you use for watersports and hopefully help to prevent injuries. For me exercising outdoors with other like minded people on the water beats hitting the gym hands down” Rachael.

Why not come and find out more about SUPing in Brighton at Hove Lagoon. The best thing is to pop down and have a look and chat with Lucy or come and take one of the classes. The best starting point is the learn to SUP course or the intro to SUP fitness course.

See you on the water…


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