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For the 2014 season Lagoon Watersports are setting up a Sussex Schools Sailing League to encourage more kids to get involved in watersports.

Sailing is awesome to watch, as well as to partake in – it’s exhilarating, tactical and unpredictable, leaving you always wanting more!

The League – How it works

The League is an under 16’s inter schools league for the schools of Sussex, there will be weekly races where schools will compete in team races to gain points and to work their way up the table to win the ultimate Sussex Schools Sailing Trophy. All races will take place on the lagoon, letting us take advantage of most weather conditions.

We will commence the league at the beginning of April with an Opening Event. The event will include centre orientation and introduce each participating school. This will introduce participants to the Lagoon and the boats they will be using, and be an opportunity for the teams to meet each other with friendly team racing.

Each school will bring a minimum of 4 sailors, maximum of 6 – all having basic sailing knowledge such as being able to rig a boat, sail across the wind and tack and gybe in a variety of conditions.

Their will be a trophy and prizes for the winning team.

We can’t wait!

Find out more about Kids Sailing

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