Josephine’s SUP improver advice

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Josephine’s improver advice

Once the basics have been mastered, its time to progress! Giving you the skills needed to SUP in different locations, different weather conditions and on different equipment.

There are different routes to improving your skills, this is how Josephine improved:

Improvers Session

Josephine: “The first step back turn attempt was the first time I fell in the water and was also the moment I realised it was ok to fall in. After that I was more willing to keep trying different moves and my confidence grew quickly from there.”

The Improvers session is 2 hours long and covers, learning new skills, increasing your SUP knowledge and if the conditions are suitable you will go out on the sea, which Josephine loved!

“The first lesson I learnt about being in the sea is it’s a lot harder climbing in the board from the sea then it is from standing in the lagoon. I don’t ever swim in Brighton beach so I was really out of my comfort zone going in but I did it and once I’d fallen in a few times (ok loads of times) I surprised myself by actually enjoying it and the sea was surprisingly warm.”

Club Sessions 

Lagoon Watersports runs weekly club sessions, which helped Josephine hone her skills “The club sessions were great as they felt relaxed and social.”

The SUP Club at the Lagoon is aimed at improving your skills and to enjoy paddling with like minded people. The SUP clinics run Tuesday and Wednesday evenings and some Sundays.

Race Training 

Race training is designed to help people SUP faster, improve technique, get fitter and stronger.

Josephine had a go “It was good, it felt more like a structures exercise class compared to the other sessions I done.”



There are many boards available, different shapes and sizes for different disciplines. Once you have got your balance and feeling comfortable, maybe its time to try something different, Josephine took advantage of trying different boards “I used inflatable and hard boards, every time I came to the lagoon everyone staff and members were very friendly and encouraging.” 


As well as board options, there also various types of paddles available, “During training I always used the standard paddles, I saw everyone else bring their own but didn’t think much about it.

On the day of the championships however I was given a posh paddle (don’t know what, but was different to the normal) and it was amazing, being so much lighter it made a huge difference and me realise I should probably look into getting a better one.”

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