Learning something new and challenging make you feel great…Do it…

Over the last ten months I have been learning to foil on a range of craft. It has been a humbling yet extremely rewarding experience which has made me think about the whole learning experience and what a positive effect it can have on you mentally and physically. Being a [...]

What is Wakeboarding

Wakeboarding involves riding a board over a surface of water; it is like the aqua equivalent of snowboarding but with the aid of a cable to gain speed. Skimming the surface of the water and either performing tricks or riding the waves, this activity certainly interacts with the inner [...]

What happens on the Learn to Wakeboard Course

For all of those who have had the experience of booking a lesson, whether it be at a sports club, gym or a music lesson there is a certain amount of trepidation as that first class looms closer. Will I like the class? Will I get on with the [...]

Starting to use the sliders

Undoubtedly you will reach a point in your wakeboarding career where you are keen to get out and start hitting the plastic features at the Lagoon Watersports cable wake park. This can be quite a daunting prospect at first but with the right instructor and practice anybody can get [...]

How to improve your wakeboarding

So, you have completed your Learn to Wakeboard lesson and are keen to keep building on your newly acquired skill set. What’s next? There are a couple of options you can take at this point depending on how well your first lesson went.

Go Wakeboarding

Being pulled along, hitting speeds of up to 20mph and making tricks and flips in the Lagoon can facilitate the need of many adrenaline junkies, and wakeboarding is a great facilitator for that.

Starting to do air tricks

BOOM, air tricks…They look great and feel even better. They can be thrown on a Full Cable, System 2.0 or behind a boat. It’s great to have a couple tucked away in the repertoire to wow the crowds. But how do you go about learning them?

Wakeboarding for groups

Whether it is a bunch of over excited kids, a rowdy gang of hens or stags or just a group of mates looking to try something new. Wakeboarding has to be on the short list.

History of wakeboarding on Hove Lagoon

If you regularly partake in activities on the lagoon or have just driven past, there is one feature that is impossible to ignore. This is the System 2.0 Wakeboard set up on the lagoon. With 3 separate cable tows and numerous sliders for the avid wakeboarders to ride it [...]

Wakeboarding in Brighton

You’ve arrived in the incredible city of Brighton and have heard that it has its own wake park. You are keen to give it a go but don’t know where it is or what set up they have. The wake park is located at the West end of Hove. [...]

Options to practice wakeboarding

There are a whole host of options for maximising your time on the water. Each one of these options has been introduced to cater for people in different situations. The simplest option for continuation is booking on to a Wakeboard Ride Session. This is an hour long session [...]

Lagoon Watersports Rail Jam July 25th

Lagoon Watersports Rail Jam July 25th Round 4 of the Lagoon rail jam was eventful to say the least. Practise started and soon came to a halt after the Step up rail decided to go for a walk across the park, back in place we continued the warm up runs [...]

Lagoon Watersports Wakeboard Rail Jam – June 27th

Lagoon Watersports Wakeboard June 27th Rail Jam Another fine day for a Wake Jam, 2:30 ticked round and riders began to show up in good numbers. A good turnout for the Juniors this month in both the open and rookies. A new and very excited winner took the top spot [...]

Lagoon Watersports Rail Jam no.2

First off, a massive thank you to everyone who entered or came to watch the competition on Saturday you all made it a great day ! Again we were super lucky with the weather holding off after wrestling with the sliders the night before to get them in a rideable [...]