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Where to begin with air tricks

BOOM, air tricks…They look great and feel even better. They can be thrown on a Full Cable, System 2.0 or behind a boat. It’s great to have a couple tucked away in the repertoire to wow the crowds. But how do you go about learning them?

Lets take the the Wakeboard Railly as our example. It is pretty much the bread and butter of air tricks and usually the starting point for those wanting to learn ‘ irs’. It looks deceptively simple and it is not until you are out on the water holding down the fully loaded heel side edge that you realise that this trick is going to take some balls to pull off. You back out a bit and end up doing an ollie. Every one does this the first few times.

Get the correct training to start the air tricks

How do you get over the fear? At your local wake park there will be a team of highly experienced operators, coaches and riders. The first step may be to chat to some of these guys about the proper technique. Secondly, get out there and work on your edges. This is the easiest thing to practice without committing to the trick. Having a great edge and a good idea of when to release is going to make the Raily process a lot less painful when you come to trying them. Thirdly, get some pointers and coaching, book some tuition at your local wake park. This will help reinforce your practice and the instructors can help you with the timings so that you are able to get up when you throw the air.

At Lagoon Watersports we run an air tricks course. This course is aimed at those riders that are of a solid intermediate level. Our most experienced wakeboard instructors run the course and they will help you focus on your technique so that you can crack the trick. We use video coaching as an aid to really help you visualise what it is that you are doing and how to improve. The focus may be on getting your approach perfect or if your approach is solid just working on the release. This is not a course that will guarantee that you will raily first time, but it will ensure that when you do try one you are going to feel confident in what you are doing and that you are going to apply the correct technique to get into the air.

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