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We love being on the water and will share our passion with you
System 2.0
The only wake park in England with 3 System 2.0 cable runs.
Over 6500 wakeboard sessions a year
BWSW accredited centre

@ Hove Lagoon

Being pulled along, hitting speeds of up to 20mph and making tricks and flips in the Lagoon can facilitate the need of many adrenaline junkies, and wakeboarding is a great facilitator for that.

Wakeboarding involves riding a board over a surface of water; it is like the aqua equivalent of snowboarding but with the aid of a cable to gain speed. Skimming the surface of the water and either performing tricks or riding the waves, this activity certainly interacts with the inner wild child within us and promotes a sense of youthful camaraderie.




The wakeboarding craze has spawned new sports such as wakeskating, which alike its predecessor, thrives from its need for speed. With the sport forever adapting as it grows from strength to strength there is endless hours of fun waiting to happen on water near you. The feeling of skimming the water and sliding is like no other. The smallest movement on the water can alter your path, can change your speed, and can manipulate your board beneath you to perform those much-elated tricks and dives.

Another appealing aspect of wakeboarding is that it is a sociable sport, you get to know your friends super well by spending countless hours with them in a boat, or  at a cable park. For beginners and those who have never ridden before will be surprised at how easy it is to get up and going. However, those that become confident and comfortable can begin to experiment with surface tricks, hitting the obstacles or air tricks. These newly or life long obtained friends transfer to a large network of people who like yourself share the love of the water. The world of wakeboarding is like one big bounding community.

Wakeboarding is an all body work out, which helps in toning your arms, abs, chest and works your legs more than you would imaging. Along with being in the outdoors and on the water you have the opportunity to bake in the sun, catch a tan, and take in the vitamin D leaving you feeling energised and refreshed although slightly exhausted.

Wakeboarding is about getting wet and pushing your limits, so get involved in the action and give this popular ever-growing sport a try!

See You on the Water…

Learn to


The Wakeboarding Taster at Lagoon Wake Park is a great way to try wakeboarding and will get you up and going. Success is guaranteed. All equipment is provided including wetsuit, impact vest, helmet and boards.


Your lesson will be run by a BWSW trained instructor.

The session will start with a brief onland demonstration of how to get up on the board, and then it will be time to get on the water!

We provide :

  • All equipment including wetsuit, impact vest, helmet and board.
  • Full training from a BWSW trained instructor.
  • All you need to bring is a towel and swimwear.

Course content includes:

  • Basic stance
  • Dock starting
  • Starting from the water
  • Riding in a straight line
  • Turning around



The Improvers Wakeboard Course is the perfect way to improve your wakeboarding and learn some new skills. This course aims to get you to the level where you can complete the corners, attempt some tricks and ready to ride.


After the course you will be ready to book on to our ride sessions and practice with confidence.

With BWSW instruction we can guarantee to take your riding to the next level.

We provide :

  • All equipment, including wetsuit, impact vest, helmet and board.
  • Full training from a BWSW trained instructor.
  • All you need to bring is a towel and swimwear.

Course content includes:

  • Mastering corners on a System 2.0
  • 180’s
  • Riding switch
  • Ollies



We have three wakeboard cables suitable for riders of all levels. We do our best to manage the abilities so you get to ride with people of a similar skill level on the most suitable cable. Come wakeboarding…


Wakeboard Ride Sessions at Lagoon Watersports, Brighton last for 1 hour with up to 4 riders.

TECH Cable – this cable is not suitable for aerial tricks but has lots of awesome sliders including our new Step Up Rail and a Box with Bank Rail to keep you entertained and get tech on!

AIR Cable –  this cable has lots of space for you to throw your tricks, so if you want to practice your aerials this is the cable to book. If you don’t want to just do aerials this cable still has a lot to offer including an Incline Rail and a Rooftop Rail.

CABLE 3 offers a limited number of sessions aimed primarily at those with less experience looking to improve and gain confidence.


Regular rides


We want to get you wakeboarding as much as possible. Lagoon Beach Club Wake offers a season pass to wakeboard and is by far the best value if you want to ride lots. We also offer 5 and 10 hour passes which save you money too.


Beach Club Wake Membership includes wakeboard ride sessions, wake clinics, SUP and kayak hire on the sea and lagoon, SUP clinics, windsurfing on the Lagoon and more. Once you are a Beach Club Member these activities are included.

Cable Wakeboarding

  • Book any ride session (subject to booking rules))
  • Hire of wakeboards (excluding use on Obstacles. Extra fee of £5 per session or £50 a season)
  • Weekly training clinics for all levels and abilities
  • 65% discount on selected wakeboarding, SUP and windsurfing courses.
  • Discounted Pro training clinics and inhouse competitions

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If you already have basic wakeboarding skills, it is time to progress and get hitting the rails! Using the rails and obstacles adds an extra element to your wakeboarding, offering limitless progression and fun.


On this course we will teach the correct approach and set up to successful slides and tricks over the rails and obstacles. The course is a great confidence builder and will leave you sliding like a pro!

This course lasts for one hour with just 2 riders to ensure you get lots of attention and includes video coaching.

This course is also suitable for riders that can already use obstacles but are looking to improve skills or try a new obstacle for the first time.

The exact course plan will depend on your previous experience and goal. For a rider new to the rails the course content would be :

• Approaching obstacles
• Correct set up
• Popping on
• Sliding 50/50
• Board slides



Learn to get air on a wakeboard. This is the perfect course to introduce you to the skills and techniques required to commence air tricks or improve your existing skills. Sessions last 1 hour with a max of 2 people.



Coaching can be aimed at those learning to get air for the first time through to more advanced riders looking to do rotations.

The exact plan will depend on your skill level. As a guide for a rider aiming to get air for the first time the course would include

  • Approach for air tricks
  • Correct set up
  • Take off
  • Flight control
  • Landing
  • Safety considerations

The course is a great confidence builder and you will leave with the skills and confidence to start trying air tricks in a controlled manner with the right technique.



Wakeboard contests are fun, sociable and a great way to improve. This summer we will be holding a monthly wakeboard rail competition. Most events are open to all levels and ages with a focus on fun. Events are sponsored by ION.


The competition format will be similar to the Grass Roots Tour but with a new scoring system aimed at riders learning new tricks and skills each month during ride sessions on the cable. Categories will be chosen to divide riders up into ability groups to make competition fair.

We will also be hosting the Grass Roots Tour in October.

Gift Voucher


Start wakeboarding gift voucher experience at Lagoon Watersports.
This is the perfect introduction to the world of wakeboarding. Gift vouchers are valid for 12 months and can be booked March – end November.


It provides instant fun for all. It’s exhilarating, exciting and extremely addictive.

Based at the great learning location of Hove Lagoon, Brighton and using a System 2.0 Wakeboard Cable makes learning easy and fun. Tuition is from BWSW instructors. All specialised equipment is provided, including wetsuits.

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Google plus lagoon watersports

Went wakeboarding for a school enrichment and birthday loved it all hoping to get a membership

Oliver Fuller

Managed to fit us in for a private windsurf lesson for my 3 kids at very late notice, they totally loved it, very friendly instructor and safe environment. Shame we don’t have time for wakeboarding tomorrow. Or SUP. Or Laser sailing…

Matt Bush

Another awesome windsurf at Hove Lagoon! Great conditions, great staff and great coffee too. Looking forward to the season kicking off properly so I can enjoy all the fun things to do here.

Guy Mason


facebook reviews

A big thank you: First Class sailing instruction from Ash. My daughter has spoken about her sailing experience all day today at home and school. Fun, inspirational, and a great place to spend as a family. Highly recommend.

Pablo Klein

Fantastic – staff brilliant and highly recommend the Kids/Teens activities.

Ros Schaffa

Amazing place and staff! You gotta go! I wakeboard and it’s the best place on South Coast to learn.

Nick Young

 Loved it! Coming back soon! Thanks guys!

Cristiana Reynolds


tripadvisor review

I was bought a days sailing experience through Virgin Experiences and had a great day out on the water. All the staff at the centre were so helpful and friendly from the off set and the everything was planned really well. It was very hands on once on the boat and I learnt a lot throughout the day. Would highly recommend this for anyone looking to get into sailing!


I had a go at the wakeboarding on the zip wire. It was great fun, highly recommend. The girl running the class was very patient and knowledgeable and to my surprise I managed to get up. Exciting and fun will defiantly do again.

Ros Schaffa


yelp reviews

Pete L. has it down. Training wheels for water sports. I came out here on a LivingSocial Adventures and had a blast! Reasonable pricing scheme, really friendly (and attractive) staff.

Katie B.

Great for beginners, Hove Lagoon offers a safe and enjoyable way to get into windsurfing and sailing. Even if you don’t fancy these, you can take your radio controlled boats for a spin, or just go for a walk round the Lagoon to the beach. The centre also allows you to take equipment out to sea once you’ve become proficient.

Barney G

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