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Try Wakeboarding

Being pulled along, hitting speeds of up to 20mph and making tricks and flips in the Lagoon can facilitate the need of many adrenaline junkies, and wakeboarding is a great facilitator for that.

Wakeboarding involves riding a board over a surface of water; it is like the aqua equivalent of snowboarding but with the aid of a cable to gain speed. Skimming the surface of the water and either performing tricks or riding the waves, this activity certainly interacts with the inner wild child within us and promotes a sense of youthful camaraderie.

The wakeboarding craze has spawned new sports such as wakeskating, which alike its predecessor, thrives from its need for speed. With the sport forever adapting as it grows from strength to strength there is endless hours of fun waiting to happen on water near you. The feeling of skimming the water and sliding is like no other. The smallest movement on the water can alter your path, can change your speed, and can manipulate your board beneath you to perform those much-elated tricks and dives.

Benefits of wakeboarding!

Another appealing aspect of wakeboarding is that it is a sociable sport, you get to know your friends super well by spending countless hours with them in a boat, or  at a cable park. For beginners and those who have never ridden before will be surprised at how easy it is to get up and going. However, those that become confident and comfortable can begin to experiment with surface tricks, hitting the obstacles or air tricks. These newly or life long obtained friends transfer to a large network of people who like yourself share the love of the water. The world of wakeboarding is like one big bounding community.

Wakeboarding is an all body work out, which helps in toning your arms, abs, chest and works your legs more than you would imaging. Along with being in the outdoors and on the water you have the opportunity to bake in the sun, catch a tan, and take in the vitamin D leaving you feeling energised and refreshed although slightly exhausted.

Wakeboarding is about getting wet and pushing your limits, so get involved in the action and give this popular ever-growing sport a try!

So whether you are a beginner, an improver, or looking to join a regular wakeboarding club, our Hove Lagoon cable park could be the place for you. Pop along to visit our park and book yourself on to one of our selected courses! – don’t be shy, give wakeboarding a try.

See You on the Water…


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