Learning to Windsurf is not difficult, just challenging

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Learning to Windsurf is not difficult, just challenging!

I have been windsurfing for over 30 years and running windsurfing lessons for over 20 years in Brighton, and the popular theme is that windsurfing is now easy because the equipment has improved so much. In many ways that is very true, learning to windsurf is easy. At the basic level,  a windsurfing lesson at an RYA school pretty much guarantees success and a newbie will up and windsurfing in a couple of hours. What many people fail to mention, and I think is what makes windsurfing so addictive is that windsurfing is challenging. In fact it can be frustrating. That is part of what makes windsurfing addictive and for many it is a life long passion. It gets under your skin, not because it is easy, but because to progress you have to practice, and practice lots in a range of different conditions. Is easy really what you want? I enjoy a challenge.
You will be windsurfing one day and everything will be working fine for you, but a slight change in the wind strength or water state and suddenly you are in the water. You try again and splash, in you go again. It can be a bit like a bit of grit in your shoe. It nags at you and you have to sort it out. You just have to figure out how to get through this new barrier. On you go to YouTube, attending training clinics, getting windsurfing lessons, seeking advice from other windsurfers, practice, practice and then boom you crack it. Your reward is not only will you be able to windsurf better but with a massive sense of satisfaction and the feeling that you have achieved something.
 Guess what, before you get comfortable it starts again. A new challenge presents itself. This time it might be mastering the beach start, the harness, water starting, carve gybing, jumping, forward looping and the list goes on.
That is what I believe is so great about learning to windsurf, it never ever ends. There is always a new challenge to get your teeth into. Windsurfing can easily become a lifetime project. You never really learn to windsurf, what you want from windsurfing is just round the corner. If you like getting your teeth into something, then windsurfing is the sport for you.


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