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The benefits of Stand-up paddle boarding (SUPing) are huge – already the fastest growing watersport around, its versatility means that there is something for everyone – whether it’s a gentle tranquil paddle along the river or ripping it up on the sea, its appeal is massive to all ages and abilities. There is always something new to learn and challenges to conquer.

Whatever way you use a stand up paddle board, it’s provides a great all over workout, whether it be a gentle river cruise, a fast paced sprint or using it to catch some waves, the benefits are huge! It already helps fitness enthusiasts hone many disciplines such as distance, racing and surf to name a few.   So SUPing is already known for the benefits it can provide to your body, but combine it with some traditional exercises designed for specific needs and the results can be amazing.

Already a massive hit in the states we welcome SUP FITNESS to the UK!

So what is SUP fitness?

Basically you perform different exercises on a SUP board. SUP fitness is a world away from your average workout – as you are on an unstable platform you increase the intensity of every exercise; whether it be a hardcore press up or a more gentle downward dog Yoga position, the options are endless. Exercises can be designed to meet any goal from improving your general fitness to more specific goals such as strength gains. Once you’ve had a go you’ll never set foot in a gym again!

What’s great about SUP fitness is that you’re out on the water, at one with the ocean (or lake!), taking part in a watersport that has a massive amount of benefits to everyone. Whether you are a top athlete looking to improve your sporting performance or a newbie looking for a different challenge or a new way to work out, SUP has it all and can offer something to everyone.

One of the main benefits I can think of, and I think most people would agree with is not being cooped up in a gym with a load of sweaty bodies around you. Instead you can be in that tranquil place which you only get from being on the water, whilst having fun and getting all the health benefits of working out and more.

SUPing can provide all over health benefits. It’s a great tool for increasing your core stability, strength and flexibility, it will also help with functional aspects such as balance, co-ordination and proprioception – all things that come in useful on a daily basis. Not only does it offer massive fitness benefits, but you will also feel better in yourself as it’s a great de-stress provider.

What’s more its sociable – you get to chat as you ponder down the river or whilst waiting for that wave, meet new people as you work out at the SUP class, and even have a go at different watersports!

The SUPing community is on the rise  – GET INVOLVED!

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