Why Windsurf in Brighton?

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Windsurfing is pretty addictive, checking the forecast every 5 minutes, loading up the latest videos, keeping up to date with the news and goings on – it can take up a lot of your time – in a good way!

So why do people get into windsurfing? do they like to go fast? enjoy being active? want to learn something new? We asked a few local windsurfers why they do it and why they do it at the Lagoon?

“Windsurfing for me is about living in the moment.  So often in life we get hijacked by work pressure, email, text etc.   When I am powered up on a good day on a board none of those get in the way.  When I am not windsurfing I am normally thinking about windsurfing, or thinking about a latest purchase for windsurfing. Despite owning my own gear for a few years now I still have a membership down at hove lagoon.  The reason why I continue to be a member is the atmosphere down there, we are all windsurfers and all equal.  Not matter if you are one of the bright stars who can forward loop or are just making your first sails out on the sea, we are all windsurfers down there. There is also the latest gear down there too, which means we get to feel how the latest kit acts on the water.  The staff are also very experienced and are happy to help with advising on choice of kit and settings.  Also fingers crossed you will never need it (unfortunately I have) there is safety cover that can provide a discrete rescue should you need it” Matt

“I’ve been an avid Windsurfer for twenty three years and hopefully will continue to do so for at least another twenty three. I loved it as soon as I jumped on the board and instantly new that it could give me something that very few other sports could (Adrenaline rush). I was keen on all sports as a youngster but as soon as my dad taught me to Windsurf I new it was going to take over my life and that it was something that was going to become an addiction rather than a hobby! I first Windsurfed at Hove Lagoon when it opened almost 20yrs ago! wow getting old! straight away loved the atmosphere and the facilities it provided. Until then most Windsurfers were loan creatures changing in the cold out the back of their cars, but all of a sudden we were now Windsurfing with many like minded individuals and being able to have hot showers with great club house facilities!! (Still a dream for most Windsurfers to have a hot shower on the beach and a decent cup of coffee, whilst watching a Windsurf dvd). The centre has top of the range equipment to hire and I’d advise anyone taking up the sport to take advantage of them being there, and get out on the water a.s.a.p” Gareth

“After returning from Spain I was looking for something to do that involved being outside and the sea.I saw the Windsurf taster sessions and gave them a go and was hooked.I promptly joined the club and worked my way through the RYA courses that were available.They were fun,frustrating but well run and my confidence slowly increased. The next step was going on the sea which was like starting again.I think I spent most of my time falling in and at times went home swearing that I would never step onto a board again !! However I was back the next day ,and have slowly improved and now love to be out there. Sam Ross runs courses there as well and his infectious manner has helped us all improve, as have the club sessions on Sunday. On no wind days there is always the choice of a SUP session, great for balance and fitness. I have made lots of good friends at the club and miss it during the winter, but most of us stay in touch and manage a drink or two during those months. Wakeboarding is now my new sport and I hope to improve at that too, again, there are courses for all levels and awesome tuition. Lagoon Watersports is my second home and worth every penny of the membership” Mike

Why Windsurf at Hove Lagoon?

At the Lagoon we are lucky to have a great mix of windsurfing levels, it offers an ideal location for every level of windsurfer, there is a suitable spot for everyone.

For those new to windsurfing or improving their newly found skills there is the Lagoon, a enclosed safe, shallow area of water, ideal to gain confidence.

Just over the promenade is the sea, where Intermediate and Advanced sailors can take advantage of some of the best windsurfing along the south coast. Hove produces some classic bump and jump days, creating some big swell – whether you’re a spectator or a sailor it can be extremely exciting.

We have top of the range fanatic and north kit, fully qualified experienced and friendly staff who have a massive passion for windsurfing.

So if you want to get involved in sailing at the lagoon or join one of our windsurf courses, check out our website and get out on the water!

You may also be interested in getting fit for windsurfing our Wild Windsurf weekends.

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