Windsurfing on the sea in Brighton

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Windsurfing on the sea in Brighton

Windsurfing on the sea in Brighton can be incredibly exciting and rewarding. Experienced windsurfers can enjoy some amazing conditions with great jumping off the wave. For the less experienced and those new to windsurfing on the sea it can be challenging but a challenge that can be overcome with patience and the right approach.

The best advice for a novice sea windsurfer in Brighton is not to try and rush things. You need to pick the right day. The sea conditions off the Brighton coast can be choppy. There are other locations that are more sheltered and calmer, for example Littlehampton. So it is really important to approach things slowly and go step by step. Success and a lot of fun awaits you if you take your time and get the right advice.

If you have become quite confident on flat water in winds of a force 4 on a lake or Hove Lagoon and feel you want to get out on the sea then the best conditions for you would probably be winds of about a force 3 from east, west or north. Definitely not a dead southerly wind.

Don’t forget you will be going from windsurfing on flat water to an environment where the surface is moving a lot. It is almost like starting again, so be prepared for some set backs. Quite often it can be a case of one step forward, two steps back.

If you are not experienced with being on the sea from other activities like sailing or SUPing, then you will need to learn to “read” the sea sate from looking at it so you can judge if the conditions are suitable for you. This is something that only comes with experience and guidance from someone more experienced to help you choose the best days as to where you can safely proceed and which days to avoid.

This is where a windsurfing club like Hove Lagoon comes in really handy. There is always someone experienced on hand to offer you advice and guidance. The club provides a safety person to keep an eye on you whilst you are windsurfing and there is a safety boat on hand with trained staff in case things do go wrong. The club also offers free weekly sea windsurfing training clinics for the members. These are instructor lead and are a great way to progress.


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