More sea time with our new Off Site Hire

New for 2014!

Club members with suitable Windsurfing or Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) experience will be able to hire equipment on the sea when the club is not offering safety cover. For SUPing there will no longer be a restriction on where you can paddle and you will be able to hire SUP boards to take away to other venues.

The new sea hire scheme requires members to take more responsibility for themselves and the equipment.
The Advantages includes:
• Windsurf or Paddle on the sea when we do not offer safety cover
• Paddle further a field
• Arrange SUP trips to other venues like the River Adur or further afield trips, perhaps from Worthing/Shoreham (Sorry this is not available for windsurfing)

To take advantage of the new hire options members are required to join our Off Site Hire Windsurf and Off Site Hire SUP Clubs (FREE to members). For the safe operation of each club there are personal skill pre requirements, responsibilities and basic safety measures that we require you to take.
We strongly advise that you join the Off Site Hire Clubs in advance of your first Off Site Hire. There are terms and conditions for each club, which we will need to brief you on and you may need to arrange some basic safety equipment. The main points are highlighted below:

Stand Up Paddleboarding off site hire

Paddlers must have completed our 2 half days Intro to Coastal SUPing course and have attended at least one SUP Club Session, along with having at least 10 hours SUP experience (Members get a 45% – 75% on this course depending on membership).

  • Paddlers have Personal Accident Insurance for the activity
  • A leash and a buoyancy aid must be worn
  • Aged 18+
  • Carry suitable safety equipment, including a safety knife, mobile phone in a waterproof case and some water.

Windsurfing unsupervised hire

  • A buoyancy aid or harness must be worn
  • RYA intermediate planing ability , plus confident water starting.
  • Aged 18+
  • Carry suitable safety equipment – a mobile phone in a waterproof case

Full Safety Cover

Full sea safety cover will be operating on :

From April 12th : Weekends from 1000 – 1815
May : Wed, Thurs, Fri  5pm – 7.15pm, Weekends from 1000 – 1815
June : Wed, Thurs, Fri 1200 – 2015, Weekends from 1000 – 1815
July : Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri 1200 – 2015 , Weekends from 1000 – 1815
Aug : Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri 1200 – 2015 (1915 from mid Aug), Weekends from 1000 – 1815
Sept : Wed, Thurs, Fri 1200 – 1815, Weekends from 1000 – 1815
Oct : Weekends from 1000 – 1815

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