Windsurf club gets new Equipment

Great news – we have just had a delivery of lots of great new windsurfing kit suitable for all abilities. Whether beginner or expert we have some of the best equipment in the country to get you out on the water windsurfing what ever the wind.

Why is good equipment important ?

Windsurfing equipment has a huge impact on your enjoyment of your time on the water. Back in the good old days of windsurfing just getting the board to the water was a project in itself. Improvements in equipment weight not only help transporting equipment but have a big impact on the water. Lighter sails , lighter carbon masts make windsurfing less tiring. You can windsurf for longer with less effort. Changes in board design and construction have made it mush easier to improve your windsurfing. Modern boards are easier to sail and have a wider wind range than boards that have gone before. This means you don’t have to worry so much about getting the choice of board spot on. You can choose a big board that is easy to sail and you can up haul yet you can be confident that as the wind picks up you will still be able to stay in control of the board. Again less hassle more fun.

We believe in offering you the very best windsurfing equipment available as it means you have more fun , less hassle and you improve quicker.  Which is what it is all about.

Lagoon Beach club chooses to use Fanatic boards and North sails. Club members can use all our windsurf equipment as much as they like for no additional charge.  The club offers daily, monthly and yearly membership options.

For those of you interested in the equipment in more detail we have chosen our equipment with the focus on ease of use in the prevailing conditions we get from Hove rather than peak performance. Control is everything !

Boards :

1st time on the sea : Fanatic Vipers

Improvers : Fanatic Shark boards in sizes 165, 150, 135 – These boards are easy to sail and suitable for all

Improver / Advanced : Fanatic Freewave 115, 105, 95 and 85 – These boards are great in the bump and jim conditions we get from Hove. User friendly let suitable for advanced sailors.

Advanced : Fanatic Twin Fin wave board , Fanatic Skate. The twin wave boards are perfect for the cross / cross on conditions we get. The Skate freestyle boards get planning so quickly they are great in most condition except when not get really rough. The Skate was our most popular board last year.

Rigs :

A modern windsurfing sail is no good without the right mast and boom. the part work in partnership. A great sail on a rubbish mast is a waste of money. We have chosen North Gold mast and Silver booms. We have chosen our sails on the same basis as boards. Keep things simple and easy to use.

Large sails – 6.3 – 8.4  – North Natural and X type in the 8.4

Smaller sails – under 6.2 – North Ice – very easy to use and fantastic performance.



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