Happy Birthday 21st Lagoon Watersports

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Happy Birthday Lagoon Watersports – 21 years

Lagoon Watersports has been run by the same management team of Harvey and Seb for 21 years. It has been quite a journey from a porta cabin by the Lagoon to now.

So much has changed in that time with new venues and new activities. But many things have remained the same. Being on the water and encouraging other people to get out there is the passion that drove us and still drives us forwards. I am writing this with salted up contact lens’s after a great sail at 8am this morning. Followed by rushing around sorting out Lagoon stuff. If I can get this done in time I should get another sail in. So everything and nothing has changed.

Something we are really happy about is how many of our customer stayed with us for many years and share time on the water with us even when the need to use our facilities may have long past. We had a quick get together earlier in the year for some of the Lagoon “Lifers” This crew have all been club members for at least 20 years.

Steve Agar was the first club member with his then young son Gareth who like Jon Maylon pretty much lived at the Lagoon. They have both gone on to become fathers and still find time to get out on the water, congratulations! We hope in a few years their kids will become part of the Lagoon family.

At the age of 12 a young Scott Topham and Vincent Freeman appeared at the Lagoon and almost never left, sometimes we wished they would! Both are now grown men that have windsurfed all over the world and can regularly be found poping into the Club when the wind is up.

Over the 21 years we have watch families grow, like Peter Herbert who would come down every week with his young grandson Barney. We still see Peter regularly and we are jealous of Barney who is now settle in Australia and getting out on to warmer waters.

As well introducing over 60,000 kids to watersports it makes are us happy to see club members from the the very early years still out on the water. It is great to be able to call the likes of Rob Watson, Andrew Gilbert, James Chambers, Steve Trigwell Jerry and Virgina Leseur, Ray Carter, Steve Gumbrell, Brian Noel, Lagoon Founder John Mckeown and, Peter Herbert not only long term customers but friends that share a passion.

Happy 21st Lagoon Watersports.
See you on the Water…


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